1. EndRacism's Avatar
    I got VPN configured now on my Passport SE, I don't want it automatic on, is there a link that can be set on screen or short cut set up on keyboard. Yes I'm lazy and don't want to drill down through settings to turn on off.
    08-02-17 09:31 PM
  2. Blackberry_Rob's Avatar
    Found this in another thread...


    BB10 has a key next to the Wifi/cell indication for VPN connected.

    To auto-connect on WiFi you need to enable it in the WiFi profile for the saved APs you have in the list.

    BEWARE that if you have auto-connect enabled and DO NOT have the profile enabled for it on the current WiFi access point you are on the phone will PREFER cell (secured) even if you have a WiFi connection enabled! This is not obvious on 10.0 but appears to happen -- on 10.1 it IS obvious as the key is present whenever the VPN is connected. There is no setting in either 10.0 or 10.1 that tells the phone to treat a given WiFi connection as SECURE for the purpose of whether it should bring up the VPN or not.
    08-03-17 09:50 AM

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