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    So when ShopBlackBerry started their sale of up to $250 off several phones, mostly BB10 devices, I immediately thought "wow, looks like a fire sale". Then they extended it with no set end date. I was curious how it was going for BlackBerry and it doesn't look too promising for them to clear all that inventory. They've got quite a large supply still (added each item to a cart and maxed out the quantity until I got an insufficient availability error, or reached the 999 limit with no error). So yeah, they'll keep claiming BB10 support and 10.3.3 is almost ready until these numbers get much lower, or else almost no one will buy them if they officially EOL BB10 and they'd have some big write offs. One would hope then with so much BB10 inventory they would release more than bare minimum security updates. Anyways, thoughts?

    Passport : 492 @ $250 = $123K
    Passport Silver Edition : 999+ @ $300 = $300K+
    Leap Shadow Gray : 999+ @ $200 = $200K+
    Leap White : 999+ @ $200 = $200K+
    Total BB10 Inventory : $823K+

    For comparison :
    PRIV: 999+ @ $425 = $425K+
    DTEK60 : 999+ @ $500 = $500K+
    DTEK50 : 999+ @ $300 = $300K+
    Total Android Inventory : $1.23M+

    Posted via CB10
    11-18-16 01:41 AM
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    Note the above was only for the US. Quantities vary for other countries on ShopBlackBerry.

    Posted via CB10
    11-18-16 01:45 AM
  3. JuiciPatties's Avatar
    Please also keep in mind that you are looking at retail value. The inventory value for financial purposes is lower and will reflect the cost (which of course would be written down if they won't sell or the market value is lower).
    11-18-16 10:56 AM

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