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    Hi all. Need a little help trouble-shooting a recent change that has occurred in my share menu list. I'm running 10.3, and it has been pretty flawless so far but, recently, items such as Facebook and Twitter have disappeared from my share menu list. Any ideas on how to fix? Re-install the apps? Your thoughts are appreciated !

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    11-24-14 03:02 PM
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    You will have better chance to find an answer in the BB10 Leaked/Beta OS
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    11-24-14 07:12 PM
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    It's not a problem...You re-loaded your OS outside the regular OTA update cycle and the data around your share suggestions was removed. This comes with side loading a leaked build unfortunately.

    If you start sharing content again your suggestions will build up fresh again, but that's about the best you can do at this point.

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    11-25-14 11:39 PM
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    It's not the 'suggestions' section that I'm talking about but rather the entire list of apps to share to below the 'suggestions'. Apps like Facebook and Twitter do not show at all anymore; I've had 10.3 installed for a while now, and the share list was fully populated with all my apps up until only recently. So this issue is not related to a fresh install of an OS as the issue happened several weeks after the OS had been installed.

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    11-27-14 09:05 AM
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    Remove facebook and twitter accounts from settings --> accounts and then re-add them and you should be set.

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    11-27-14 10:50 AM

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