1. Khizer Hayat2's Avatar
    Dear Crackberians!

    As the title suggests I am having family pics and some documents on device memory / SD Card and my mobile is password protected. I am deeply concerned if I lost my mobile or if someone get the SD card out of my device so my data will be not secure. What steps I can follow to save my data from stealing?

    Secondly I heard somewhere the Apple has a feature of locking mobile by using icloud and one that has been done mobile is useless I mean no one can access it. Does blackberry have any such feature?
    03-02-15 02:01 AM
  2. Cedirin's Avatar
    Go to Settings, BlackBerry Protect and also Security and Privacy. In BlackBerry Protect you have similar features like Apple. In Security and Privacy, you have options you can use to encrypt your device data/sd data as well as other security options.

    Posted via my Q10 on 10.3.1
    03-02-15 02:12 AM
  3. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    Encrypting your SDCARD will protect its contents. However, pay attention to and remember the warning that if you wipe the device you will loose the ability to decrypt the SDCARD. Do regular backups of any data on the card that is important.

    03-02-15 05:05 AM

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