03-12-15 05:33 PM
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    ... the Poodle for Example


    The References at the End of this PDF are known as intresting.
    References are interesting? Someone needs to get out more. J/k.

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    10-17-14 10:04 PM
  2. Superdupont 2_0's Avatar
    Hi, I am sure all of you are following the news about FREAK in the other threads.

    However, I believe the problem is even bigger, I try to keep my post short.

    When I open this link within the CB app, it says my client (= CB app) is vulnerable

    I guess apart from the CB app there is a long list of 3rd party apps, which are also vulnerable (for various reasons).
    Actually the list of affected BlackBerry products (kb36811) is indicating that FREAK is not only a "vulnerable browsers"-problem.

    All connections seem to be vulnerable... I am afraid, now it's time to say good bye to my PlayBook.
    I can't enjoy video-chats, when the TLS connection is vulnerable.

    Here is my question:
    I think about replacing my PlayBook with a Windows 8.1 tablet.
    Can I pin the root certificate of the mail server in the mail client with EMET?
    Cert pinning works on my desktop pc (W7) with Outlook, but I don't know the tablet OS and the stock mail client.
    Has anyone tried it under 8.1 on a tablet?

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    03-12-15 05:33 PM
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