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    Hello all you BlackBerry hacking crackers out there:

    I'm going to bolt BB10 for the time being if there's not some simple way to have more system-wide or at least Docs-to-Go and email fonts on my Classic. I'm not going to do anything Google to get them, and I don't give a damn about how RIM's heroic efforts to avoid the abyss and save the world didn't quite allow for any more fonts just yet. Nor am I the slightest bit interested in any comparisons with any other platforms, nor technical apologisms, I just want fonts and I need em now!

    To think that a BlackBerry was the most sophisticated and best mass market communication device ever, but it has come to this? Veddy veddy strange.

    Thanks for any help, and yes, if you have the honest and real explanation for this situation, and it will help me understand when more fonts should be available, I'm interested. I'm just trying to dissuade the gawkers and trollers. ;-)
    04-27-15 05:18 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    SO far not second native font
    Keyboard Kultist likes this.
    04-27-15 05:35 AM

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