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    I'm indifferent to the whole thing if I'm honest. I would prefer to use bb10, not a fan of Google and apps aren't my thing. For what it's worth though here's what I think.
    I was a late developer and only recently got a Passport original. I also got burned with the playbook so I won't blindly follow BlackBerry into any venture anymore. The contradiction from the company are ridiculous, people who have defended BlackBerry for so many years because of its security features in these forums are now seeming to be relishing having an android phone. BlackBerry themselves who stated they're are not interested in entering the consumer market now appear to want to. Looking forward to seeing Chen back peddle on that.
    That been said, if the slider gets rave reviews I might get one. Or, I might not. At the end of the day it's just another android device in a sea of others.

    Back to bb10, if BlackBerry aren't making a fuss or any noise at all about their own os then it doesn't bode well I'm afraid. The fact that the only sign there might even be an update is what some non BlackBerry staff might or might not have said. That should tell you something.

    In my case I'll just take it on the chin and wait until my contract is up or sell my Passport which I'm guessing won't be worth a great deal at that point.
    Now then, the anomaly at this point is the SE. What was the point of bringing out this device given the circumstances? Maybe it was too far in development stage to pull the plug. Fair enough leaks have circulated showing the se running android but unless the device is backwards compatible there's going to be a lot of disgruntled customers out there.

    If android for BlackBerry takes off surely there will be even less incentive to maintain bb10. If it doesn't the bb10 customers will probably have jumped ship by then anyway losing whatever market share BlackBerry had left.

    So is the SE the new playbook? If I'd just purchased one top dollar from BlackBerry store preinstalled I would be spitting nails. Wandering round the bb10 section of the forum looking for some hope as I did back in the playbook fiasco. Tbh, it already sort of eerily feels that way.

    I really do hope the BlackBerry do the right thing for all their loyal bb10 fans. I also said that about the PlayBook! I hope Chen handles this well and not like the playbook where it was basically fu it's over. If that was the case, even though they didn't get me this time I would struggle to take anything they did seriously again.

    Posted by Passport on bb10 but not sure for how much longer!
    09-16-15 06:21 PM

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