1. gg bb's Avatar
    Ok so this is what I think I know about SD cards.
    Once they were limited to 512Mb or was that 2Gb. But then there came SDHC and that was limited to 32Gb. But now we got SDXC cards which are 64Gb and SDXC is limited to 2Tb.
    So I know my phone will accept 64Gb cards and thats SDXC. So will I be able to use 128Gb SDXC as these are out now?

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    10-10-13 08:33 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    No I don't believe the phone accepts anything larger than 64.
    If it did, that would be sweet and a surprise to me. I could be wrong but I think we have reached our limit.
    10-10-13 08:45 AM
  3. HedoBum's Avatar
    The phones are only rated to handle up to 64 Gb. You won't be able to use a bigger SD card than that.
    10-10-13 08:47 AM

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