1. riseblackberry's Avatar
    I am a happy BB10 user on z3 , two days back when was rolled out , I was very eager to upgrade.I had done following
    1) Initiated the OS install OTA and it failed due to "Device memory almost full" (Dint give option of required free space), this moment on I have been experiencing this lag , where you are scrolling a page in browser / scrolling bbm chats / typing anything or any random activity on the screen , touch screen doesnt work , this can be fixed quickly by pressing the power key once to turn off the screen , pressing again to wake the screen up and Swipe up( this procedure takes only few seconds ) , and then it works smoothly
    2) Looking at this problem persistency , I tried to initiate the OS upgradation again , and same result , it failed (Dint give option of required free space) , i became restless as i could experience same unresponsive screen at times.
    3) After freeing more space on device , i took another chance of OS upgradation and this time Update Interrupted but gave me 13MB space required and I installed the OS successfully , but I could experience the same issue with less frequency.
    I tried rebooting the device / soft reset couple of times but no use.

    Then I security wiped device successfully , its running on latest OS

    Even though Swipe to Wake is enabled , device doesnt wake up , power key needs to be pressed and swipe up is needed ( This happens 7/10 times )

    Couple of days of usage will make the nature of the problem more clear or it may get fixed automatically ( fingers crossed )

    Any assistance appreciated.
    09-19-15 12:54 AM
  2. dreamz_gaurav's Avatar
    Touch screen issue.. even I've faced this while answering calls. I had to press power button on and off to make the touch screen working again to answer the call.

    This issue came with Not sure what's the solution or workaround.

    Z30 / STA100-2 /
    09-19-15 01:08 AM
  3. riseblackberry's Avatar
    Well , it can be .. I have also experienced the issue you are talking about answering the call but it was very very rare.
    The issue I am facing has definitely occured in the OS upgrade , I have mentioned the steps in my first post.
    I am clueless what to do next , i had soft reset yesterday , it was working fine but again when i was browsing with 6-7 tabs open I experienced a lag and then its happening more often , no matter what activity I am doing on the phone.
    I have to press power button twice and swipe up to make it works.

    Waiting for a permanent solution on this
    09-19-15 01:23 AM

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