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    Android has a powerful and cheap flat-field relational database app called SailForms. It lets users develop data-collecting applications, we just built one for our field staff, which collects mileage reports, issues invoices to clients, logs time-sheets, collects site photos and GPS locations, and emails all this stuff back to the office.

    The free 'client' end is the 'Sailforms' App, in the Play and Amazon stores, the free app with GPS is SailForms Plus', the design app for devs is 'Sailforms Pro', Play Store only. (£16)

    The client end is running well on a Z10, so if you need a database or field-data collection app for BB10, and have the time to program it, it could be worth a look.

    The Amazon store free version comes with a few demo databases, they are relational, so can pull in data from other data-forms to auto-fill fields from drop-down menus, (like client names and addresses,) and so on. Reports can be sorted on fields for export via email.

    Reports can be exported via email in CSV to load into Excel.

    We developed our app on a 7" Android tablet, sized the fields to fit Z10 screens. It takes a while to 'learn' but might be useful for custom field data-collection on BB10 devices.

    (I'm not affiliated with SailForms.) :-)

    Developer website: SailForms - Home

    Support group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/sailforms-users
    05-28-17 02:20 AM

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