11-19-14 11:03 PM
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    would love some help!!! New to the whole loading leaks... I have a mac with Mavricks, a q10 on verizon. I have downloaded Q4 and installed and also downloaded Sachesi 1.1.2 for mac. Goes to zip file on my desktop. I double click and goes to an application file but then does not open from there. I have my SIM out and airplane mode on. Restarted my mac with no loading. Any advice? THANK YOU
    The application looks broke but you have to run it correctly It has nothing to do w/ anything else

    I had that problem a year ago deleted it immediately then tried it again a month ago & had no issue because I took my time

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    04-14-14 03:42 PM
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    Sachesi works on Mavericks for me....but honestly, its nothing like using an Autoloader on Windows....its recommended that you use Windows for it.....I tried using a leak on my phone and it just screwed it up....getting stuck at the boot screen forcing me to load everything all over again.....plus its also SLLLLOOOWWW...Windows on an Intel Celeron using Autoloader went like 5x faster than Sachesi on my Mac with an i5...AND it worked.....

    The last I used Sachesi on my Mavericks Mac was to load the 10.3 browser, clock, & settings but I load autoloader leaks w/ my Windows 8 & never use the newest Sachesi on there because it doesn't read my phone

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    04-14-14 03:46 PM
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    i cant figure out why or how to get this thing opened i downloaded both qt4 and sachesi can someone give a tutorial on how to get this opened, saved and done on a mac with maverick os plzzzzz want to get 10.2 on my at&t z10 stl-003
    It's really simple

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    04-14-14 04:02 PM
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    Hate to bump this, but I've been having huge problems with Sachesi since I upgraded to Mavericks-- wondering if anyone else has had similar problems? Often times it doesn't recognize that the phone is plugged in, and also when it does connect I try sideloading and it says "ERROR: Is not a ZIP file" or something like that. Anyone have any experience?
    It's just a bug Don't drag

    Manually select the bar or the folder

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    04-14-14 04:03 PM
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    Once you've downloaded the full Autoloader that's what you extract in Sachesi & all the bars on the os will create the folder you're looking for

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    The "full Autoloader"? Would you please expound.
    04-14-14 09:02 PM
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    The "full Autoloader"? Would you please expound.
    Tell me exactly what os you want to load & I can just give you the link & a step by step

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    04-14-14 10:07 PM
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    Tell me exactly what os you want to load & I can just give you the link & a step by step

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    Latest OS for Z10 using Mac OSX 10.9.2
    04-14-14 11:13 PM
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    Latest OS for Z10 using Mac OSX 10.9.2
    None of these are for stl100-1

    Even though I recommend using a Windows for a clean load the simplest method to install the OS BAR FOLDER w/ this https://mega.co.nz/#!tQVQTRhJ!P-k5Y0...Xt29ZcWQDLESSg is by
    Launching Sachesi application Make sure BlackBerry Link is not open Make sure phone is connected Make sure BlackBerry Link isn't restricting Sachesi's access to your phone due to password Make sure BlackBerry Link isn't open again

    Find the INSTALL TAB, click folder, CHOOSE THE OS FOLDER YOU DOWNLOADED ABOVE & wait til completed then you're done

    TO EXTRACT BARS which is another method to update certain & specific apps on your BlackBerry first download the Autoloader of the os

    https://mega.co.nz/#!QQlzgRLA!NUlYqX...xae-hBab-u4T5M for the latest OFFICIAL SOFTWARE 2947

    http://l.bitcasa.com/FEbQCMDb for 10.3 LEAK

    Then find THE EXTRACT TAB & CHOOSE THE OS AUTOLOADER YOU WANT TO GET THE BARS OF downloaded above, WAIT TIL COMPLETE, & you will have basically the same folder from the 1st method just manually created by you
    You can start at the beginning of method 1 from here to install that os you extracted from the autoloader or you can select specifically which of those bars/apps you want to install in the install tab

    Don't forget to download those links using Chrome

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    04-15-14 02:28 AM
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    Does tit make any difference if I install QT5 instead of QT4?
    09-01-14 12:03 PM
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    Where can you download QT from??
    11-19-14 11:03 PM
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