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    I've had this issue for a few weeks now with no solution in sight. On opening any Android app, either a direct APK install, or a port from BlackBerry World, I get the message 'Process com.android.systemapps isn't responding'. I haven't added any new apps in the last few months.

    Runtime crashes on opening apps-img_20160302_065809.png

    I was on Q10SQN100-2/ at the time, and with the issues with the runtime in this version I used an autoloader to downgrade to I let the phone re-index and encrypt (Exchange policy) overnight without installing any apps. The next morning, on installing several apps from BlackBerry World (Ghost Commander, PrintHand, and Kobo) as a test, on opening them the first time I was able to use them normally. Within an hour though, when opening any of them I got the same error or just a black screen with the Android bar at the bottom of the screen.

    Even with full reboots and deleting the apps, and trying different apps, nothing has helped! I even went as far to reinstall 2876 and the updated runtime and the problem continues. With the issue still happening even after multiple wipes and reboots, is it possible that it's a manifestation of some sort of hardware or memory issue? I have a Z10 on BES with no such issues also on 2639, with some of the same apps installed so I'm doubtful it's an issue caused by the apps.

    Hopefully someone has found a solution since some of the older threads on similar issues.

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    03-03-16 07:02 AM
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    I've received the same error running on Verizon Z30. It's only occasionally that it occurs but depressing the volume up/down keys simultaneously to initiate the hard reboot has always resolved it for me (at least for a time). I have no idea what causes the error as it has occurred to me even while using the app, not just on start up.
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    03-03-16 07:19 AM

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