1. tmoc's Avatar
    I know RSA has been discussed previously, but my question seems to be unique.

    I use the RSA SecurID app to log on to my companies VPN. Before the Blackberry 10 native version was released, I used either the Blackberry 7.1 app via BES, or the Android app via ActiveSync (ie my android tablet access e-mails and calendar via ActiveSync). Both RSA apps worked perfectly when it comes to generating codes for logging in.

    With the Blackberry 10 app, the code generation is more hit or miss. Sometimes the system accepts my code, other times is gives me a fail notice, and now and then I have to re-sync with the next generated code. My Blackberry Z10 uses ActiveSync to connect to my e-mails, etc. The phone does not have separate work and personal partitions.

    Has anyone experienced this before, and, if so, is the issue with the Blackberry 10 app, the Blackberry 10 OS (I am using SR 10.2.1. 2941), or the SecurID server? I downloaded via Blackberry World, so it should be OK for use.

    I have to try and second-guess where in the 60-second countdown the token change is, and enter before or after that - and it's a moving target.


    08-12-14 11:52 PM
  2. seluje's Avatar
    We used RSA with the BB OS7. With BB10, we now use the app from Entrust OTP. I am not sure for the switch since I am not in the IT department but it's probably for sync issues they probably encountered through testing.
    08-13-14 06:14 AM

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