1. Dirks2.0's Avatar
    Hi guys, I'm trying to setup my email on my rogers on my z30 but every time I do I get a message that says 'at this time your email, calendar, and contacts can't be added. Please try again later.' I have tried many times but with no luck. I already have a different rogers email account setup on my phone and it works fine but for some reason It just won't set up my second account. Can anyone help please?
    04-24-15 09:09 AM
  2. coolcut's Avatar
    Same thing happened here. Or only some of the services would setup (ie contacts and calendar but no email). Like you I kept trying till it finally went through. So all I can suggest is to keep trying unfortunately. Maybe someone else on here has a better solution.
    04-24-15 10:02 AM
  3. Zeridialous's Avatar
    See if the following steps help in getting your Rogers Yahoo! e-mail configured on your phone:

    First, restart your device by holding down the Power/Lock key until the shut down screen is displayed, then choose Restart.
    Once the phone has started back up, wait 2-3 minutes and navigate to Settings > Accounts > Advanced, then choose IMAP.

    Enter the following information in the appropriate fields (replacing youremail@rogers.com with your actual rogers.com email address).

    Description: Rogers Yahoo!
    Your name: Type your name here
    Username: youremail@rogers.com
    Email Address: youremail@rogers.com
    Password: Enter your password here
    Server Address: imap.mail.yahoo.com
    Port: 993
    Encryption: SSL
    SMTP Username: youremail@rogers.com
    SMTP Password: Your password
    SMTP Server Address: smtp.mail.yahoo.com (if this doesn't work, use smtp.broadband.rogers.com)
    SMTP Port: 465
    SMTP Encryption: SSL
    Use push if supported: On
    Append messages to sent folder: On
    Sync Interval: 30 minutes
    Sync Timeframe: The default setting is 7 days, adjust this for how long you'd like messages to be displayed on your phone.

    Once you've entered the appropriate information, tap on Done. Once the information has been verified you will be prompted to choose which types of information you would like to synchronize, such as Email, Contacts, and Calendar. Turn on/off the options you wish to synchronize and then tap on Done.
    04-24-15 10:40 AM

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