1. Tornado99's Avatar
    Just finished setting up a new z30...switched over from z10 using Link. Noted four new apps, all Rogers related, but the sim is from Telus(actually Koodo, a subsidiary) .

    How can this be? I deleted them all via bbw.

    Flicked out via Zed10
    08-21-14 12:43 AM
  2. Tornado99's Avatar
    I'll add my new phone came from Amazon.ca vendor Toronto Cellular. It was unlocked but appeared to not be in brand new condition. Box was beat up. Phone itself generally a 9.5 out of 10. Slight scuffs on back surface and small nic in metal lower edge where the back is pryed away from rest of phone.

    Could the Rogers Apps be ghosts from a previous setup?

    Flicked out via Zed30
    08-21-14 12:59 AM
  3. adrianod1993's Avatar
    Did u do a security wipe?

    Posted via CB10
    08-21-14 01:22 AM
  4. Tornado99's Avatar
    Not on the new phone. Could be the cause.

    I'll redo the setup with a wipe first.

    Flicked out via Zed30
    08-21-14 09:52 AM
  5. rick0415's Avatar
    Do you get a Rogers splash screen when starting up?
    08-21-14 10:40 AM
  6. Tornado99's Avatar
    Do you get a Rogers splash screen when starting up?
    No, I did not. Standard BlackBerry start up, just like my z10. Now I may have looked away when this occurred.
    There was a lengthy data migration process running.

    Flicked out via Zed30
    08-21-14 11:48 AM
  7. rick0415's Avatar
    I ask because I had a unlocked Q10 with a Telus sim in it and when it booted I got the Verizon splash screen. Maybe your phone was from Rogers.
    08-21-14 12:01 PM

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