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    I've never really gotten the idea that your phone has to be a magical powerhouse full of Chinese made fairy dust. Call me an old-fashioned 19-year-old, but I consider my phone to be used as a communications tool, where I can call and text people I knows; and then Twitter or facebook when I'm bored. It still blows my mind that devices like the iPhone and most Android devices put MAKING CALLS on the backburner, and don't have dedicated call answer/end buttons. And you can hide the dialer app so it's not as easily to access.

    I got a Pearl 8130 as my first smartphone. Ended up returning it because best Buy didn't set it up right and they were being asses, but it set my standards for how a smartphone should work.

    Then I got my Storm 9530. After the initial charm wore off, I decided there were three things that I need in it's replacement:

    1. Improved typing. Once I got going I can easily overload the keyboard and crash it, causing me to accidently click on a link on th webpage just below where the keyboard used to be (which on m.crackberry.com was the "full site", and loading the mobile site again was a bother)
    2. faster web browser performance. That speaks for itself.
    3. more memory. THat thing could only handle a few applications without having "out of memory" errors all the time. That also beat the app-installing-rampage out of me, so i got used to having only a few applications installed.

    I then bought a Pearl 9100 outright for $200. With my newly learned app management habits this thing served my needs perfectly fine. At least until I got sick of SureType meringue up Mt. worlds.

    Once my contract went up for renewal, I got the Curve 9360. Improves on my three iffs much more than my Pearl did. Batterry life is a little low, but with some good battery management practises I get it to last all day no problem.

    And now with OS 7.1 (obviously I'll plug in the charger when using hotspot), I fin I really have zero interest in the higher end BBs or the BB10 devices. Sure, if you gave me on for free I'll take it, but I won't spend more money to get a new device (unless it's a good deal, like a Bold 9790 for $25 without having to renew my contract. but then I might find it fishy)
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    In a way I agree...I am still rocking my Bold 9000. But that's not so much because I want to but more because I can't afford to upgrade since I just bought a Playbook.

    Still going back to OP's point because the 9000 is now considered to be an "old" phone but still does everything that I need to communicate, keep in touch people and stay organized perfectly.
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    How do you figure the iPhone and Android put making phone calls on the back burner?

    I mean... Nowhere in your post did I see where you said you owned one
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    Niether the iPhone nor most Androids have dedicated call send/end keys. And you can move the phone apps so you have to go looking for them. I think on Android you may even be able to delete it.

    Yeah... I could write a bit about my old Dext, but I had forgotten all about it. Had it for two months and the whole time I was trying to find apps that do what my bb had built in (like volume keys/mute to play/pause and skip songs. You just can't get an app that does that; it has to be baked into the rom.) I did like how backup utilities restore all application specific data (like logins) though...

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    i'm sort of with the OP. I already have a 9900, great keyboard, clear phone calls. If i wanted a a media and entertainment device, i would go for the bigger screen playbook and bridge it. Best of both worlds. I rather have 2 device that does different things very well, than to have 1 device that does everything average. The full touch BB10 will basically be a mini-playbook, being able to run the same apps. But with the smaller screen, the movies will be harder to see, ebooks/mags will be harder to read. Sort of sacrificing functionality for portability.

    So if i were to get a BB10 phone, it will have to have a keyboard first and foremost.

    (i used an iphone as my daily driver for a few years, it does many things well but when it comes to call quality, it is lacking behind blackberry. Never tried making a call using android, so no idea about that.)
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    01-19-12 02:07 AM
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    I have the Curve 8530, I have no idea how old or whatever it is, but I love it lol I like it even more than I did my iPhone:P
    I also have a Curve 8530. I got mine actually because even though it is OS 5, I prefer it to Android, and I was able to get it for about $80 on Virgin Mobile USA's $35 plan. I get 300mins, and unlimited text and data. It does everything I want it to do. I will probably upgrade either later this year if VM gets a new model, or next year and get the latest BB out there and just pay the premium for a contract phone.
    01-19-12 02:18 AM
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    I got a 9810 because I could afford t and it was a great deal. Honestly you'd have a hard time getting me to to go an email solution that was only exchange or IMAP and by the sounds of things that's where they might head. I'm satisfied, no correction: I'm happy. Wanna sell me a BB10 phone? Release it with the current solution for email - else I'm sticking to this.
    01-19-12 08:11 PM
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    i see the point the OP is making with phones becoming more and more about the glitz and glam...it can be a little confusing some times and a bit annoying every so often. i will STILL get a BB10 device though. i don't see a problem with having a phone with a little flashiness to it.
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    I feel you OP, but that's obviously an unrealistic view from a business standpoint; any product in competition needs to move forward with the times and not remain blindly stagnant. They're already playing catch-up as it is, apparently.

    I mean, I'm sure a lot of people loved playing PacMan on the Atari back in the day, but it didn't stop them from making nintendo, super nintendo, to the Xbox360's of today.
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    I am with the OP on this one. The only thing that could attract me to BB10 devices is if the battery is improved (seems the only sector in tech where almost every single company is skimping heavily on).
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    01-19-12 08:34 PM
  11. llllBULLSEYE's Avatar
    I'm 50/50 with you on this one OP
    If BB10 phones were to come out next month I wont be getting one as I'm pretty happy
    with my phone right now.
    Now since the BB10 phones are coming out around Fall/Winter 2012 I think I'll be ready to upgrade by then. I usually last no more then a year with phones. purchased a 9800 in Jan and then a 9810 in August.
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    This is the beauty of having different devices. I like putting my phone/call/contact app where I want it on the screen or change the way it looks or simply have it where I can swipe up on my phone and it goes to the phone option rather than having a button on the phone.
    01-19-12 08:52 PM
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    I think that's your opinion now. But when BB10 devices come out maybe you'll consider a BB10 device IMO.

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    01-19-12 08:52 PM
  14. llllBULLSEYE's Avatar
    I think that's your opinion now. But when BB10 devices come out maybe you'll consider a BB10 device IMO.

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    and specially if one of you're friends gets its and you play around with it and fall in love lol.
    when I had the iphone2G I had not reason to upgrade to iphone3G. I tried my friends new iphone3G and went to AT&T the next morning.
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    01-19-12 08:59 PM
  15. Rootbrian's Avatar
    I love my 9900 despite my sometimes low patience or thin line patience and frustraition (all depends on the situation), I won't jump ship or move to another platform. I'll keep this baby until it refuses to even work anymore (after trying EVERYTHING) THEN I'll have a new blackberry.
    01-19-12 09:05 PM
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    I like the way this guy thinks. Ever since my first smartphone (a Curve 8300), BlackBerry just seemed to get it right. I loved the traditional form factor so much, I was perfectly content with an upgrade to a Bold 9700. It was with that phone that I got into heavier multimedia, like web browsing, video watching, tweeting, etc.

    Its sub-par performance in that respect drove me to my first Android device: the Nexus S. I had that phone for only 3 months and switched over to a Torch 9800. Now THIS is where I'm at! Touchscreen, keyboard, enough juice to get my web browsing, video watching and tweeting done. A couple of necessary apps downloaded, and I'm perfectly satisfied.

    I don't need a phone that can be hacked to limitless extents, with an app for everything, and I certainly can't live without a keyboard.

    That's why, for me, BlackBerry is the only phone I could possibly use.
    01-19-12 09:16 PM
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    people still make phone calls with smartphones?

    lol jk jk
    01-19-12 09:17 PM
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    Right now, I can't imagine a better phone for my needs/wants than my 9930. That said, I think I thought the same thing when I got my 1st BB, the Nextel curve 8350i. (Great BB btw). I'm hoping to get a few years outta the new Bold and by then I'm sure all kinks will be worked out in the BB10 line. Then will start looking into getting one of the new line. This is my plan, and hopes that RIM will have made a comeback by then, and stock will fly upward like a bat out of H E doubble L on fire

    Typed on the awesome Bold 99xx.
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    it is true when you look at the phones that are coming out its less about making calls now a days. with apps like Drivesafe.ly why would you ever need to call someone again? personally i bill every month is populated by about 16min of calling a month and about 30mb of data. i text/BBM everyone and only call if i neeeed them NOW or if they haven't responded in say four hours.

    oh ya and i cant wait for the BB10s!!!! sooo want a slider phone, my guess is that they took away the Milan to replace it with a horizontal slider instead of a vertical *crosses fingers*
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    I definitely agree with what you're saying. I have a Bold 9930 and I couldn't be happier with it. The new BlackBerrys seem great, but with my PlayBook I won't need it. Essentially the BB10 phones are mini PBs, so why would I need that? Who knows, maybe when they come out I'll think that they're the greatest thing in the world and I have to have one. But for now, I'm more than content with my Bold and PB combo and won't be holding my breath for the BB10 release date.
    01-19-12 09:36 PM
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    this is where I struggle with a bb10 device. I agree with op in where i think my 9930 does everything i want it to. I also agree with the evolution in time where everything has to become better. The only issue I have with RIM is their plan. Why am I going to want a phone that does everything my Playbook does? I love my Playbook and the size is perfect for what it does. How am I supposed to want to replace my beast of a device in my 9930 for a small Playbook? i just don't see the point. I just hope that they take it into consideration when making the Bold's successor because if they turn it into another playbook I will have no need for it. I can see myself updating my playbooks but just like OP my phone needs to stay a powerful communication device.
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    Yeah but everyone is saying how they don't need a bb10 phone to do everything that their playbook does or be a mini playbook but, apple does this with the iphone. Its a mini ipad. Which is a big ipod touch. So I guess some people seem to see the need in having a big one (tablet) and a little one (phone) that do the same thing. I love my playbook but just recently getting my 9900, I don't wanna retire it for the greatness(hopefully) that BB10 is going to be.

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    Glad to see there are others out there that arent all hyped up about the BB10's. Dont get me wrong, they will probably be great devices capable of taking over small countries if you had the right app. But thats not what a phone should be for....is it?
    I love my BB and PB combo, I get everything I need. Like was stated before me, why would I want two of the same?
    I want something that I can rely on for email, messaging and calling. For communication!
    I used to have a iPhone(I went through a stage) and after a while the honeymoon stage was over and I realized that I was carrying around a toy in my pocket. Sure enough I came back to BB and not a regret since. Hopefully it can stay that way.
    01-19-12 10:07 PM
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    Damn, that 9360's a sexy bit*h, isn't she? I've been sporting a 9900 since it came out in August and I totally love it. What I like the most about BBs are the shortcuts. I'm all about efficiency, and being able to launch any app or toggle my WiFi with a single button click really melts my butter.

    Will I upgrade to a newer BB when they come out? Hopefully not, since it would mean something went horribly wrong with my 9900 before the end of my ridiculously long contract. But as a good little consumer I can't resist getting a new toy, so if push comes to shove and I need a new phone I'd definitely consider the NEWEST phone.
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    01-19-12 10:16 PM
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    when i bought my 9900 i figured i'd use it till the bb10 came out in a bold form factor, but after bonding with the thing, i'm not sure how bb can improve upon how it fulfills my needs! i'm sure i'll come up with a reasonable excuse to buy one when they're available, but i'm still having separation anxiety over my 8520...i love that lil workhorse, and it still sits on my coffee table with wifi on, and when i need a timer i still generally reach for the lil guy!
    01-19-12 10:23 PM
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