1. heyjohnnybravo's Avatar
    Does anyone else wish to see their return?

    After seeing the IndieGogo campaign "Dimple" I immediately thought of the BlackBerry convenience keys of old.

    I personally think the company that is the top of the hardware keyboard world should really embrace all hardware buttons and that should include convenience keys.

    Posted from my TARDIS!
    05-11-14 05:01 PM
  2. DocDRM's Avatar
    LOVED twin convenience keys.

    Posted via CB10
    05-11-14 05:26 PM
  3. Sebastian Maier1's Avatar
    Please, 1-2 convenience keys + the mute/lock buttons on the top (the ones from the torch)

    Posted via CB10
    05-11-14 05:39 PM
  4. labyrinth9's Avatar
    Yes! Miss them dearly.

    Posted via CB10
    05-11-14 07:58 PM
  5. ZeroBarrier's Avatar
    Nope; and I'm actually hoping they keep making the Q10 style phone without them.

    Posted via CB10
    05-11-14 08:01 PM
  6. xhead75's Avatar
    Would love to have that back.

    Posted via CB10
    05-12-14 12:16 AM
  7. BBRYQ10's Avatar
    I miss them too.
    I swear, the people that designed the new BlackBerry devices never used one prior. Key BlackBerry features were missing, things that made a BlackBerry a BlackBerry and not a fancy Android phone. Like the Convenience Key and the Cradle. Of course, there are many other features I miss that all the past BB devices had but these deserve mentioning here.
    Above all, I pray to God that my Q10 will connect with my non-enterprise email accounts again.
    05-12-14 08:42 AM
  8. vkberry's Avatar

    - 2 convenience keys
    - Charge points (cheaper than wireless charging)
    - Docks
    - Usb/charge port on bottom or above keyboard level if on side
    - Notification light on corner bend, like on bold 9780, so visible from top or while in holster
    - toolbelt

    Posted via CB10
    05-12-14 10:16 AM
  9. dangerousfen's Avatar
    Convenience keys, charging contacts. YES PLEASE!

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9900 using Tapatalk
    05-12-14 10:42 AM

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