1. Tiffany Daniels's Avatar
    I recently performed a security wipe on my Blackberry Q10. I had previously backed up my contacts from my Blackberry Bold through my PC Blackberry Dashboard program. I want to put those contacts on my Blackberry Q10, without transferring ANYTHING else. Can anyone tell me the easiest way to do this?

    I've tried synching my contacts to Outlook and Windows 7, but it's just not working.
    03-04-14 07:51 AM
  2. guygardner73's Avatar
    If your contact list is still present on your bold, you can blue tooth the entire list across to the Q10. Also, if you activate your email address on the Q, it will sync all the contacts associated with that email address. If you have a backup of your contacts on BlackBerry Protect, you can do a one-time transfer by using protect on your Q.

    Z10STL100-2/ O2 UK
    03-05-14 01:07 AM

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