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    Hey community, I need some advice on steps to take here. It's been well over a year since I've done any sort of leak install or restoring of a device. That being said, I have a unique situation I'm trying to resolve. I will try and explain it the best that I can and hopefully someone can direct me on what to try next.

    So my other halfs Z10 has been blue screening for the last few months and sometimes it just boots up solid LED and black screen and never starts, occasionally it has finally booted up and she goes about her business. I have been bugging her to get a new phone but she was holding out for a white Leap. It's the only thing she cared for from the current line up. So I was finally able to grab a backup of her phone while it was working over the past weekend. On Monday morning while at work her phone blue screened and has not come back around since. I think it's totally un-bootable now due to a corrupt OS (Always ran official OS since day she bought it with 10.1)

    I bought her a Leap and with fingers crossed, I began the following steps in order to try and restore her data:

    1. Set up Leap, rejected OS update to 10.3.2
    2. Signed into BlackBerry ID
    3. Sideloaded the one important app she cares about
    4. Perform full restore of previous device's backup -> Link fails and says that the software is newer on current device
    5. I scratch head and begin looking for the same OS version to install on the Leap
    6. I then get a bright idea and do a custom restore of JUST Media and Application data. NO Device settings, Accounts, Contacts (She didn't like that) -> It works!
    7. Phone finishes restoring and now when opening any android app, the bar begins to load but the app never starts, just hangs eventually OR app crashes.

    That's where I gave up at 1am and went to bed. The 10.3.1 OS version on her Leap is slightly newer than whats officially available for her Z10. I have a feeling it is something to do with the runtime. The problem thought is her sideloaded app does NOT have separate application data to save, It's bundled with the runtime I believe (Again, its been a while since I've had to dig into sideloading and what works, app data location, etc).

    I'm currently stuck on what to try next. I don't think I need to install the slightly downgraded version of 10.3.1 to make this work or do I? Any suggestions??

    OH.. and one other wrench to throw into this problem. She woke up this morning to the message that the phone has downloaded and updated to 10.3.2 and to restart to finish. I shouted at her "NO!" and to cancel and NEVER restart that phone... I feel like I'm going to get F'd here and will be unable to restore her phone properly or get her android apps working but really, it's one bloody game I care about. All because I don't know if it can ever be restored from the developer because of no Google Play Services.

    06-18-15 08:53 AM
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    I recently upgraded my phone to 10.3.2 and I can tell you that the apps that didn't work properly before are fine now. The Android runtime is newer and should solve the issues. Let her update her phone and redownload the android apps. They will work better if you delete them one at a time and reload IF YOU MUST. The first time I opened an android app after upgrading, it took about 3 minutes. After that, they all open fine. Keep trying.

    My best advice. 10.3.2 is wonderful
    06-18-15 09:45 AM
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    I should clarify that all apps worked properly and without issue. However, it's trying to restore functionality without compromising the application data that is the issue here.

    The reason for not going to 10.3.2 is I wont do it until I know the device runs the app without issue and the game data is present. Then I will update it. If I DO have to revert back as I assumed in my OP, then I'm in the position to do it rather then be SOL if I prematurely upgraded.

    FYI, the app in question is Hay Day. And yes, while it IS a Supercell game and I'm aware of SOME people having luck with them providing recovery codes for Clash of Clans. There is no guarantee's that that strategy will work with Hay Day. Just like the same reason I can't delete the bar file version and install the APK version because there is NO way to transfer that application data of the game.
    06-18-15 10:45 AM
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    Resolved/Closed/Lock the thread

    Posted via CB10
    06-19-15 03:00 PM

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