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    Recently switched phones z10 to z30. Noticed my Gmail on z30 only goes back a couple of weeks. How can I load up the older messages from the Gmail server or from my older z10 backups?


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    08-30-14 01:04 PM
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    Restoring from a backup is not necessary.

    For an IMAP account (such as Gmail), you have to select the sync period option when setting up the account -- so you'd have to delete and re-add it. Use the standard email setup, until you get to the screen that gives you the option to toggle on/off contact/calendar sync. Tap "Advanced" at the bottom. Scroll to the very bottom, and set the "Initial Retrieval amount" to "Forever" (or your preferred sync period). You can also set your sync interval here as well. Note that if you'll be syncing a lot of messages, you should be on WiFi, unless you have a very generous data plan.
    08-30-14 01:11 PM
  3. Tornado99's Avatar
    Thanks...I was in the account setting earlier but there was no option to set an initial retrieval period...but like you suggest, had to delete the account, add it back, then during that setup scroll to very bottom after sync interval, and there was initial retrieval set at 7 days. I set it to 90 days, which should be fine.


    Flicked out via Zed30
    08-30-14 02:17 PM
  4. Ecm's Avatar
    Glad to help. That IMAP setup is hardly intuitive -- most people miss it.
    08-30-14 02:43 PM
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    This is only tangentially related to the OP, but I figure the right people will be reading it.

    I cannot get my one POP email account, in this case an Earthlink account, to continue to retrieve messages without having to reset it slightly and reinitialize it. I have no problems with this account on the Web or with Thunderbird or Mail on my Mac. All the settings are exactly as Earthlink recommends in terms of security port numbers, etc.

    To clarify, when I set it up as a new account, I can choose a retrieval time, say 30 days worth of email, and any interval to get new mail, say 15 minutes, and it will bring down all the mail and work for a while, adding new messages automatically. Then, a few hours or a few days later, it will stop retrieving emails. A "refresh" doesn't cause it to get the new emails. I have to go into account settings, change something, anything, to get it to reset itself, and then it starts retrieving emails again, and for an indeterminate period, until it stops again.

    Earthlink does not have an IMAP option except for their higher cost business accounts. I don't want to switch providers, because the Earthlink spam blocker is great, and because I have almost everything registered to this account. I use a Gmail account for purely personal stuff, and never have any problem with it on my Z10.

    This problem has been occurring across all OS upgrades from 10.1 through 10.3. With my most recent OS upgrade, I did a security wipe first, then an autoload, and no restore of any settings, starting fresh with everything, so I don't think it's something left over from previous Settings.

    If there is anything else I can answer, I will, but I think I've noted everything about it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
    08-30-14 04:06 PM

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