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    /// Reset Blackberry Battery Discharge Indicator Display Percentage Reading Solved Classic Passport ///

    Battery would repeatedly cut off around 60%.

    I tried to discharge/charge a couple of times, but it never produced any mentionable difference.

    Then I read a thread here about disconnecting the battery. I did that and that SOLVED the issue.

    I let the battery discharge until the phone turned off and that is when I disconnected/connected the battery a couple of times. Then I charged it to full and again disconnected/connected the battery a couple of times more. I repeated the entire process 2x more times, just to be sure.

    The following applies to the Blackberry Classic, but Passport might be similar:

    Disconnecting the battery is a bit tricky. The back cover needs to come off of course. So first I watched a video on YouTube about my Blackberry Classic's disassembly. The back cover is clipped-on AND glued via black-tape-glue at two spots at the top and bottom. The clips are popped relatively easily with a guitar pick, but when you try prying it off, the glue holds it and it feels like it does not want to come off. I used a hair dryer to heat up the rear cover and that helped somewhat to release the rear cover. The contact of the battery is a pushed down contact. After opening the two screws and removing the bracket, it can be carefully preyed up (lever up) with a small screwdriver. There is no other release mechanism to undo. It can be simply pushed back on and it clicks back into place.
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    09-19-19 12:15 PM
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    One thing I like to add. When I disconnected/connected the battery, I left it disconnected for about half a day. It may not have been necessary, but that is how I have done it.
    09-20-19 11:40 AM

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