1. bobshine's Avatar
    Anyone had luck making one of those remote Bluetooth Shutter work on a BlackBerry 10 phone?

    Posted via CB10
    08-04-14 11:00 AM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    Is this as in a camera shutter?
    08-04-14 02:08 PM
  3. bobshine's Avatar
    Yeah sorry wasnt clear enough... remote bluetooth camera shutter

    Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!
    08-04-14 07:54 PM
  4. tomato1988's Avatar
    Yeah I also have a same question..may anyone have solved this?

    Attachment 291466
    08-18-14 01:59 AM
  5. CaptMoo's Avatar
    No luck here...
    Just got a monopad with bluetooth... It pairs, but it doesnt work with the camera for me
    10-27-14 08:32 PM
  6. Amir Ali Faramarzpour's Avatar
    hey guys
    I found a solution
    download "remote selfie" application from BlackBerry World. It works with that app
    press android button on shutter for taking picture
    der_mit likes this.
    04-22-15 12:34 PM
  7. denotv's Avatar
    Thanks Amir...the apps works for me on the Z10
    05-19-15 02:23 PM

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