03-27-15 06:04 AM
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  1. val_lixembeau's Avatar
    Can you be more specific about what isn't working for you? I seems to mostly work for me on

    I tried the following:


    1) Open Remember, choose the "Tasks" tab, then the task list associated with my outlook.com account.
    2) Hit the "New Task" action bar item, give it a title, choose due date tomorrow, reminder 4 hours before.
    3) Open Calendar. I see the title of my task at 8pm today, and then in tomorrow's calendar page it is listed under all day events with a time of "Due".


    4) Go back to Remember, and create a task in my work account (BES+Exchange), setting due date and specific reminder date and time.
    5) Look in the Calendar. See the reminder but nothing for the due date.


    6) Go to Remember again and create a task in the local, device task list with due date and reminder.
    7) Look in Calendar and see and entry at the reminder time.


    Couldn't figure out how to do this inside of Remember. Opened Evernote on my desktop machine and created a note with a reminder of tomorrow. Created another note from the "Reminders - Add a reminder to XXX's notebook" field. Waited until sync with Remember. Calendar shows nothing and Remember doesn't seem to consider these to be tasks; I can only see the text content of the notes.
    03-23-15 01:52 PM
  2. tnc's Avatar
    Hiya all.
    For an informed and complete answer to "what's not working" i'll have to compose a proper answer at a later time. For short now, web pages do not save, only a link. Pictures do not display, only a link. This fact seems to carry through for anything added to a project. Also, seem unable to add sub task lists (forks or tree structure).

    For the task reminders: seemingly still not working correctly. That is, the task shows on the due date (this coming Friday) but the reminder only showed on the first day, no repeat.

    If I am missing or misunderstanding something, please do educate me.

    Posted via CB10
    03-25-15 07:56 AM
  3. val_lixembeau's Avatar
    Ah, maybe it's the recurrence then. I never use that; will have to try it out.
    03-26-15 12:40 PM
  4. tnc's Avatar
    So, certain that not all features have been tried but here is what I have found with remember running on the recent 2582 leak:

    Pictures now show in notes rather than just a link.
    Flagged messages are just that. The flagged messages folder is now a list of flagged messages that I seem to be unable to associate with anything else. Webpages still just a link. Have not figured out how to add forks/subtask to a project. Reoccurring reminders for tasks NOT working (@#*!?#@).

    In general, bloody mess of excessive extra clicks swipes etc just to adjust a due date or reminder. In that regard, remember, and the OS in general, is not making use of the efficiency that could be realized with the track pad and keyboard. Seems this is not an app to bring together various aspects of a project. Remember at this point is not much more than associating a task with a date. Whoop de do.

    Please, somebody tell me I am missing the obvious? There has got to be more to this? Do educate me if so.

    (On a side note: hoping to try wiping my device, load the latest leak, 10.3.2, and see what happens)

    Posted via CB10
    03-27-15 06:04 AM
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