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    I still cannot believe that Remember app cannot sync tasks with outlook via Blackberry Link. Link works only for contacts and calendars, not for tasks.

    Why is that? Anybody knows the answer?

    Is it technically impossible? Needs a license from Msft or a third party? Is there a commercial agreement that prohibits it? Developers at BlackBerry havent' thought about it? Tasks are not used any more? Evernote sync is more than enough? Sync via outlook.com is more than enough?....

    BlackBerry desktop manager and OS 7 DO sync tasks 2-way. So, why did they swipe away that feature in BB10?

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    01-13-14 10:36 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Well, I found you a workaround!

    In the meantime, I've been using Evernote.

    If you have an Evernote account (if not, this may be something to consider), download and install Evernote to your computer, it will add an add-in to Outlook.

    Go into Outlook Notes and from the menu bar slect Edit>select all then click on the "Add to Evernote" button. I added mine to a new Evernote Notebook I called Outlook. This exports all your notes to Evernote (some of my notes lost formatting, but at least I have them).

    Now, to get them on your Blackberry 10, on your device, go to settings, accounts, add account. Select Evernote and input your Evernote credentials.

    From this point forward, I only use Evernote for my new notes as this setup does not provide a syncing feature with outlook.

    The ONE plus with this is that with the evernote account added on the Blackberry, the notes get thrown into the Blackberry Remember app. This means you have access to the notes offline. (The free version of Evernote does not provide for offline access, which sucks for Android / iOS users).

    You can do this process with your Outlook Tasks too.

    Hope this helps.

    Using Link to sync Notes and tasks from Outlook - Page 2 - BlackBerry Support Community Forums
    01-14-14 09:43 AM
  3. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    I use third party connector app for this which I discovered migrating around all of the different os's. Ive researched high and low and this solution is the least hair ripping and stress.

    Windows 7/8 pc - Companion link
    Blackberry app ( to extend the capability on device) - Dejaoffice
    then finally to connect the two Deja hub

    FIrst install companionlink on pc. it allows all types of connection sync incl. wifi and usb cable.
    then install Deja office and Deja hub on your blackberry os 10 device.
    Dejaoffice basically is a separate task, notes, calendar, and contact app but only check mark tasks and notes as bb link syncs the others. Deja hub sends the information to deja office, tasks and notes folders. Then companion link synchronizes with deja office. Only check mark sync of tasks and notes only and this solution works flawlessly if you are a type of person inter switching thru the different os's and want to maintain calendar, contacts, tasks and notes.
    ** final note this only works if you are synchronizing outlook 2000 to current.

    Ive researched high and low and pretested this solution on other devices and works flawlessly side by side with bb link. With this solution you can switch back and forth between all of the different devices, os's, and apps and all three apps area available for all platforms.

    Hope this helps you out, and just wait patiently for bblink to future integrate! fingers crossed!
    peace out.

    BlackBerry desktop manager and OS 7 DO sync tasks 2-way. So, why did they swipe away that feature in BB10?

    Posted via CB10[/QUOTE]
    01-14-14 09:54 AM
  4. diegonei's Avatar
    BlackBerry desktop manager and OS 7 DO sync tasks 2-way. So, why did they swipe away that feature in BB10?
    Because coding things from scratch takes time. It's a different OS, not an update of things past. All code has to be written and writing code takes time.

    (Sad truth) BlackBerry Link ISN'T BlackBerry Desktop Software. They aim to solve the same problems, but they are distant cousins, not sibilings.
    01-14-14 11:40 AM
  5. macberry33's Avatar
    (Sad truth) BlackBerry Link ISN'T BlackBerry Desktop Software. They aim to solve the same problems, but they are distant cousins, not sibilings.
    Thank you. That makes it clear. It is sad to be a new product taking a step back in some features from what it had before. e.g: Task Sync
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    01-27-14 05:10 PM
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    Well, I found you a workaround!
    thank you. It helped me a lot. I chose Outlook.com task sync. It works well with Remember App. Evernote doesn't sync both ways as pointed in the workaround you posted.

    Outlook.com is the closest I have found as the best and easiest way to proper sync between Outlook and BB10. It creates its own folder in Remember App and syncs on the fly between Outlook (desktop) and BB10 device both ways. It is wonderful. It has a tab for notes and one for tasks, you can have due dates that show in your calendar.

    However it lacks of various features:

    1. Cannot filed other Remember tasks in the outlook.com folder
    You can not file a current Remember task under the Outlook.com sync folder in Remember App and neither the other way around. So any unfiled task cannot be saved or filed in the outlook.com folder. Too bad!.

    2. Doesn't accept attachments
    And also any task or note in the outlook.com folder shown in Remember App doesn't accept attachments. This is by design unfortunately, because in Outlook (desktop app) the tasks of the outlook.com account doesn't accept attachments neither.

    to round up
    Outlook task system (Desktop) is very powerful and it would be fantastic for a business device like the BB 10 to be able to sync tasks (including attachments) with Remember App.

    In MHO, Remember app is very nice, but is still in its infancy if it cannot sync tasks with Outlook. If it was able to do it one way when you first migrate from OS7, I cannot understand how come the task sync feature is not working both ways by now and there is not even a hint of the road map about it (Remember App).

    I hope Blackberry Dev team is listening.
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    01-27-14 05:34 PM
  7. mulo_g's Avatar
    Sad! Deja route works for only Outlook2000 , not 2007. Any ideas for 2007

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    01-30-14 03:24 AM
  8. diegonei's Avatar
    It will get there! Link didn't even do any sync at all when it launched! See how much progress ( or how little, depending on the point of view )!
    01-31-14 08:02 PM
  9. C_McD's Avatar
    Evernote does seem to be the easiest way for now. [Maybe Blend will solve this issue down the road.]

    Since Evernote will interface with Remember I use Evernote by sending Notes from Outlook 365 to a Outlook Notes and then simply update it periodically.

    Haven't tried it with Tasks, but that's a good point.

    Sync for Blackberry 10 by Micinti promises a backup (file and data backup/restore) for Remember and there may be a path through that when they get that in place.

    Certainly something better is sorely needed for we stand alone users.
    09-11-14 01:38 PM
  10. C_McD's Avatar
    Evernote will accept Tasks as well as Notes. Have not tried attachments, but don't have a need for that.

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    09-28-14 06:45 PM

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