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    We've all seen it here on CB. Someone is new to BB and gets a new BB device but something has gone wrong. They are disappointed and frustrated and are threatening to return their devices and leave BB. The first few posts dismiss their frustrations and say "do a security wipe" or "reload the OS" and so on.

    I really want to ask: Do you folks not realize how silly that actually is? I think people have gotten so used to saying it that they have become jaded to the actual fact of the matter. Having to wipe your device or reload the OS just to get it to function shouldn't be normal process - it's unacceptable. Even worse than that, imagine being someone who finally got the courage to take the risk and leave Android iOS and get a BB and then get kicked in the nuts when you find our your device is dysfunctional. Then getting kicked in the nuts again when the community thinks you're a loser for getting frustrated at this, then getting kicked in the nuts AGAIN by being told to reload the OS on your phone or wiping all your data. Has nobody ever stopped to realize how stupid this actually is? I really don't think it's difficult to understand why these people are selling/returning their BB devices and leaving.

    Now I say this as a BB user and someone who has even converted family members to BB. I enjoy my phone and the operating system but the stuff I just said above? It needs to stop. We should be encouraging and pushing for BlackBerry to fix its OS stability rather than mocking the people who find it unacceptable. If my Z10 was dysfunctional out of the box (or shortly after) I too would have returned it and never looked back. My dad just about returned his Passport due to, again, issues with the OS. Luckily they were fixed without drastic measures but still, point stands.
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    03-14-15 03:30 PM
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    While I don't disagree with your point I think what most people do not realize is that this is not a BlackBerry only issue. This is true of, in my experience, all electronics and phones. I see similar issues on android and iPhone all day.
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    03-14-15 03:59 PM
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    I too found this unacceptable when after a couple months and one update, my new phone could no longer receive a text. Then after wiping, having the same issues cause AFAIK it reloads off the phone from the files that gave the problems in the first place.

    But if there's anything good from it, it led me to install leaks which I am quite happy with. Will add that I've also experienced and heard these things happen regardless of what brand device.

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    03-15-15 12:09 AM
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    The OS is a black box as far as the average user is concerned, so there's really nothing more than wipes and (selective) reloads available.

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    03-15-15 01:10 AM

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