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    There is a lot of routine in life. Instead of feeling caught up in a swirl of endless humdrum loops why not make it easier and create at least some feeling of closure each time a mundane repeating task is done.

    At home this can organize your hair cuts, nail jobs, home cleaning, car service, bedding and linen change, etc.

    At work: billing clients, weekly meetings, periodic reports, equipment check-ups, reading gauges.

    Similar lists are present in education, personal and institutional health care, sports and fitness training, debt repayment, taxes, you name it.

    When you want to create and ingrain a habit, this tool can support you as well. Below are the basics.

    1. Create a Task List in Remember in order to group instances of a repeating task (or several closely related tasks) together.

    2. In that Task List create a Task, and make it recurrent by choosing Repeat. Set up recurrence period. You can set up relative recurrence (i.e. every two days), or absolute recurrence when, for example, the task should be done each week on certain week days. The recurrence set up seems flexible enough to accommodate for many kinds of routine actions.

    Option "Regenerate" makes the task appear again in certain time after the task is done. For example, to establish a routine to jog and do pull-ups every other day it is enough to create a recurring task with Regenerate option "2 days after the task is done". Then even when a rainy morning makes you postpone your run to the next day, still Remember will remind you of the next occurrence in two days after your next successful run.

    3. Choose when to stop recurrence, if you want. By the way, once it stops you can always find and restart it.

    4. Very helpful feature: you can attach an email, picture, voice note, spreadsheet, and other types of files to a recurrent task. This makes all the difference as you do not need to search for a file again and again once the same routine hits you. To memorize a text, or a list, or a speech, or a song, or a phrase in foreign language attach a text file or .mp3, or video, and set up convenient recurrence.

    Just as with a non-recurrent tasks reminders can be set up. Recurrent tasks populate your calendar economically. Only the next occurrence will be shown. In that way they are different from recurrent calendar events which populate the calendar all the way through till the termination dates of events.

    The best part of a recurrent task happens once a task is done. You check out the box, and Remember crosses the task off the list, and then it immediately creates a new instance of the same task, with the next date and next reminder already set.

    I wanted to take a closer look at my family's hot and cold water consumption. So I decided to take daily readings of the water meters to collect some statistics for analysis. It is important not to miss measurements, so I created a daily recurrent task, with a reminder at 9 pm. I attached a very simple spreadsheet to this task to fill it with the data.

    Each day my BlackBerry reminds me to read the meters. From the reminder directly I open the same spreadsheet, add data, save the the file and check the task as done. Remember then creates the same task for the next day. That's it! Very simple and efficient. Unlike some other routine stuff that I tend to postpone or forget, I have yet to miss even one of these boring meter readings.
    05-17-15 03:59 PM
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    The remember app has a lot of potential only if they continue to develop update it. And make it a cloud back up too.

    Remember could be another hub kind of app

    Posted via CB10
    05-17-15 08:29 PM

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