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    Sorry for the long posting, but please read….
    Little Background:
    I have been an active user and passionate consumer of Blackberry/RIM devices going all the way back to the 957 days. Still have a lot of them to include the Nextel “blueberry” – currently on a Z10 since 1 week prior to official launch. Z10 STL100-4 is currently running and has had most of the Leaked updates since day one – haven’t gone past 2789 due to time constraints and viewing postings of issues on leaked OS’s past 2789, but installed it via Blitz (same way I have done since the Blitz was first released) and it has been rock solid forever – until now.

    Issue: Starting 4 days ago, my trusty Z10 starting seriously going sideways, meaning that all of a sudden would drop signal (reboot corrected that) but after reboot, the Hub would not populate – saw “Preparing Blackberry Hub” for over 5 minutes. Another 2 reboots (Vol +/-), then Hub came back but was missing most recent emails and BBM messages. Started to get a bit nervous so let it sit for 30 min doing its thing and when I looked back, the Battery had drained 60% in the 30 minutes.. (Don’t have a screen shot as the vol+/- didn’t take a snapshot (another issue)
    Immediately hooked device up to Link to perform multiple backups, some Full, Some Custom – just in case.. Took a number of reboots to get Link to recognize device (never happened before) and was able to complete action. While connected to laptop to perform backups, device got incredibly hot (also never happened before) but was able to get it back to 100%

    Now, it seems that during this cycle of issue, my CPU was getting slammed by “system 43%” and not “PIM Services 31%”, same with Battery usage, “System 51%” but “PIM Services 16%”

    Since the issue started 4 days ago, I still have some issues especially with BBM, at times I will press the BBM in the HUB and while I might be able to see the listing therein, it will dim a little (as it does when opening conversation) but will only actually open the conversation maybe 40-50% of the time and if I am lucky to actually open the conversation and respond, the message “might” be sent, but my response does not appear in the HUB until I do the 4 swipe from upper right corner to reset HUB. Same with emails..

    So I took to the trusty Crackberry forums to find out that other people were having some of the same, but also different issue with their BB10 devices and I am wondering if this is more of an OS issue,( maybe at the start of February) as the significant postings identifying issues range of all flavors of BB10 hardware as well as different OS’s.

    Any thoughts? Much appreciated as I would hate to have to retire my “what appears to be” my last fully Blackberry device…(Not going to start another BB10 is dead thread)

    02-06-16 07:31 PM
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    Why dont use wipe device and install fresh OS?

    Blackberry Passport Running
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    02-06-16 07:42 PM
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    Was thinking that, but would have to do fresh instal of 2789 based on what I have seen about the next few OS's. I just thought it odd, that so many BB10 users have starting seeing massive abnormalities in the last 2 weeks or so...

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