1. nrns's Avatar
    Hi guys, my first thread.
    i have some experience on installing custom roms and custom firmwares. not totally newbie.
    but i have a question about changing radio versions.
    Z30 sta100-2 have LTE 700, 1700
    Z30 sta100-5 have LTE 850, 2100, 2600
    since both phones have same SoC, how can i change baseband? can i transform sta100-2 on sta100-5?
    (i had done this on a old HTC before)
    sorry for my english!
    10-04-14 09:05 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Simple answer is no, you cannot change the antenna bands.
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    10-04-14 11:53 PM
  3. nrns's Avatar
    just to explain.
    even if the chipset supports quad band lte & 3g, in the board are used hardware amps of desired frequencies.
    its software and hardware based. if i change the radio file, the phone cannot receive the data through a different frequency, since there are none amps to that frequency.
    some phones have all amps to all frequencies, just change radio file and it works (like my old htc and a galaxy tab i had)
    i posted in devs forum to receive technical answer.
    so a verizon z30 phone won't work on other 3g & lte networks.

    if my english is not good, don't bother.

    thanks for the simple answer.
    10-05-14 12:44 PM
  4. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    That's a nice summary of the basics. Things are actually much more complex than that, depending on model. Anything beyond no you can't though is irrelevant. No matter how possible, unless you work for BlackBerry or know someone no longer in need of employment, it's impossible to change bands.
    10-06-14 03:52 PM

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