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    Failure to react to the marketplace has sunk many once huge corporations in history. The Railroad companies are a good example. They became entrenched in "The Lore of Railroading" and failed to make the jump to "General Transportation" in time. At one time they were the Leviathans of America, controlling the most cash, land and power. But they let it slip away because they didn't change with the times. Had they made the jump to Over the Road Trucking and Airline, they would still be the largest corporations in the US. But the Lore of Railroading trapped them. They decided to remain just railroad companies and it damn near sunk them. They survived but are a shadow of what they once were.

    I personally think it's too late for BlackBerry to turn things around in the smartphone market. They were what they were once. That time has passed and they were entrenched in their platform too long while Apple and Google chipped away until Berry itself was only a chip. Too bad, so sad, but it happened. I have serious doubts that an $800.00 Droid will save them.

    Personally, I don't care. I stayed with BB07 and am still on that old Legacy Platform on my business line. I'm OK with it. I have a feeling I'll be OK with BB10 for many years, as it's now the newest Legacy Blackberry. No worries for me. It still works for my purposes. The good news is accessories and even the phones themselves are starting to show up at bargain prices. That's good for those of us still loyal to the old platforms.
    Depends on what railroad company we're talking about. LIRR and MNRR, for example, carry more customers now than they ever did in the past. You're right though for a couple of other RR companies.

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    Depends on what railroad company we're talking about. LIRR and MNRR, for example, carry more customers now than they ever did in the past. You're right though for a couple of other RR companies.

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    They may be carrying more passengers, but they are no where near the Titans that Railroad companies once were. They let opportunities slip away. Otherwise, you'd be buying Central Pacific Computers and shopping in Delaware and Hudson Department Stores.
    11-08-15 07:22 PM
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    Understood but that was under different CEO and now we are under a proven veteran who knows tech. Many companies have left a part of their creations behind. Just look at WP7, WP8 and now we have WP10 lol.
    No one can say it's written in stone yet.

    I had to prepare for a test once and it was understood everyone must fail once even veteran people with experience. I became very irritated by people telling me not to get my hopes up and let off on someone Because I don't like being told I can't. I studied and practiced my strategy for success and I shocked everyone with a first timer straight out of school. Nothing is set in stone!

    Apple was a computer company only and once they made the iPod and realized they can't be only A computer company And needed to be a devices company they took computer out of Apple Computer and now it's just Apple. They were near bankruptcy and look at them now.
    Nothing is written in stone and no one can tell what will happen so I will enjoy my HOPE Thank you.

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    Everything you've written is true.
    But Jobs was a visionary, who, from the start, could understand what people would want.
    And when he was kicked out, Apple declined to a state worse than BlackBerry's.
    If he hadn't been returned by the stock holders, Apple would be a thing of the past, relegated to Apple fan clubs, like the Tandy 80 and Commodore computer clubs.
    The difference is that BlackBerry has shown throughout their recent history, that they have no one with vision within their fold that will execute that idea to perfection or at least well beyond a half baked OS.
    Their history has shown, that their hubris has made them clueless when it comes to following through.
    They thought that BlackBerry users would accept whatever they gave us, because we're addicted to their phones.
    But this time it might be different.
    I spent an hour on the Priv and while they did provide a few OS10 features, BlackBerry, just like they did with OS10, has taken a new direction.
    The Priv is not the unmitigated disaster that the OS10/Z10 launch was.
    It appears to be just the opposite.
    There may be some bugs that they have to fix, but the phone certainly has more features than the OS10 phones do.
    While I won't ever own one, The Priv represents the new direction for BlackBerry handsets.
    This is their future. It's not the BlackBerry we've known for years, but that BlackBerry vision is bankrupt now.
    I cannot see why they would return or keep spending money on an OS that constantly had problems, when they have a new, sleek, feature rich phone that looks like it's for the production oriented and will handle the gamers and media addicts too.
    For the masses that trust Google, the only things that would hold BB back on this phone, is the older Android OS, the cost and their attitude when it comes to updates.

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