1. sarcazmo's Avatar
    Couple questions. Did a search so apologies if this has been covered.

    If I close Facebook and come back, it takes me back to where I last was, even if I close the active frame. Is that normal?

    My old android would open to where you left off and have a little pop up at the top saying"10 plus new stories" or similar. Once pressed it would take you to the top.

    Should have the most up to date version.

    Posted via CB10
    11-25-13 11:50 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Yes, the Facebook BlackBerry App needs an update badly. Z10STL100-2/ let's me run both native and Android versions side by side
    11-26-13 12:11 AM
  3. menshawy's Avatar
    Facebook didn't build an application for BlackBerry, BlackBerry had to create their own Facebook application which doesn't work as good as the native, tailored one
    11-26-13 05:05 AM
  4. sarcazmo's Avatar
    Oh OK.

    Still digging bb10 was just curious about that issue. I'm sure they'll fix it.

    Posted via CB10
    11-26-13 09:39 AM

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