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    I wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea to rebrand BB10 OS into just QNX Mobile, and setting the core OS, without some specific BlackBerry apps and features, on the market to be licensed. This, along with the development of Project ION might be a good option to expand QNX technologies to no only BB devices and cars but also to other smartphone makers or even wearables and others.
    It might enable the creation of a real alternative ecosystem, wich is the basic problem of any alternative OS trying to find its way into consumers. And it might enable tons of partnerships for BlackBerry itself with companies of all kind of technology; companies as Bose, Sonos, Roku or companies building smart home appliances or smart Homes systems.
    One who could be a very goog player it would be Nokia Here, the company who's left after the Microsoft buy. They are planning to launch a consumer brand for smart devices as probably smartwatches or smartbands. If i was BlackBerry i'd try to reach a good deal with the new Nokia giving them technology based on QNX (i assume it's good as embedded OS for wearables) and asking back a full commitment and support to use the Here Maps as "location cloud" platform for all QNX related devices. Truely, it'd be great to see BlackBerry, Nokia and other partners building up a real contender ecosystem to battle Apple's one, Android and even Windows. BlackBerry it's now in a unique position to push strongly on their technology giving how others as Tizen are going nowhere at this point. Development of web apps through Webworks might rise and Nokia might come up on the market with its own version of QNX Mobile, focused to the consumers instead of on the enterprise as BlackBerry does. The still growing potential of the built in Android apps runtime could make a difference in the long run and i hope BlackBerry is going to try to expand it's ecosystem through such partnerships.
    08-26-14 07:45 AM
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    There are plenty of Operating Systems out there.... but people are not buying OS, they are buying Platforms that included full ecosystem. That's why Samsung pulled Tizen, that's why Sailfish is going no where, that's why the you hardly hear about the Mozilla Phones.

    Then add in the fact that many of the OS are FREE...

    If BB10 or QNX Mobile isn't selling with BlackBerry, why would anyone else want it? Might be a good choice for BlackPhone or if Samsung really wanted to try a secure KNOX phone again... But that's the same "niche" BlackBerry is trying to secure.
    08-26-14 08:37 AM
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    Keep in mind that QNX is still run and managed independently from BlackBerry in many respects. While the name BlackBerry may be held in a negative light by many consumers, changing the name to the even less known QNX would still leave the company in an uphill battle to gain name recognition in a crowded mobile space.

    While QNX has many partnerships in place, you won't really see it generating massive profits for BlackBerry just because embedded operating systems are so small. You're really only selling a framework to launch another manufacturer's GUI as opposed to a fully integrated system. Think of the OS for a slot machine or an ATM: both need something to do all of the processing and task allocation, but the operating system isn't really accessible to the outside world: all you see is the cash point service or the silly game that eats your money.

    The tech world through IOT is moving towards an area where QNX can be a major player, and it will be interesting to see how BlackBerry is able to utilise all of its assets to make a name in this space, but QNX isn't the panacea a lot of people have made it out to be for all issues that BlackBerry has.

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    08-27-14 05:58 AM

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