02-23-17 08:05 AM
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    You have an over inflated sense of QNX's involvement in BlackBerry 10 through no fault of your own. It was presented that way for many years. You're also not taking into account that BlackBerry has no interest in further development of BlackBerry 10. You'll get maintenance updates for a while, that's it and I say this to you and anyone else reading this. Let it go. Enjoy BlackBerry 10 for what it is. Its time to shine, and succeed is long gone. You either love it for it is, or you end up loathing 'what it could have been.'
    You're exactly right about loving it for what it is and not what it could have been. Although I can say I'm disappointed it's done. It works for me and I love BB10 for what it does now. Eventually, I may need to switch but for now...no. I'll just keep using it until it no longer meets my needs.

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    02-23-17 07:34 AM
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    If there were enough consumers interested Blackberry would still be developing BB10 and BB10 hardware.
    A little fault of the passengers who have abandoned the ship while still sailing well? Just for chat crisis ... when nothing was written yet....

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    02-23-17 08:05 AM
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