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    Would installing a different radio file and or OS fix the problem with no HD voice on grey market devices (using unlocked Virgin Mobile Q5 on Telus)? Thanks very much

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    09-12-13 12:48 PM
  2. ioansuhov's Avatar
    I believe that HD voice is career dependent, but i'm not sure. Maybe if you would install a software for your current career (if available) might work, but again, i'm not sure if there is a career dependent software. After unlocking, did you try to reinstall the software using BlackBerry link ? This might help as it will push the newest official version for your device and maybe it will change the career settings. Or, just try wiping, and installing a 10.2 leak from the forums, as they are not career-software.

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    09-12-13 04:40 PM
  3. tdiguy's Avatar
    Thanks very much. I will give the Blackberry Link reload a try.

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    09-12-13 06:55 PM
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    Okay so no luck with using BlackBerry Link (still no HD voice). Guess I'll try to do a wipe and install a leaked OS (don't know how but will start reading... )

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    09-13-13 01:21 PM
  5. ioansuhov's Avatar
    Okay so no luck with using BlackBerry Link (still no HD voice). Guess I'll try to do a wipe and install a leaked OS (don't know how but will start reading... )

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    Installing a leak is very simple: just download the leak file (usually a 7zip archive), unpack it (using winrar for example), connect the phone to your windows pc (make sure you can acces your phone in my computer) and run the autoloader.exe (where autoloader is the version name) found in the unpacked archive. If demanded, enter the phone's password. And it should start installing the leak. After install (and first time configuring) enter setting-security and privacy and select Security wipe. after wiping you will have to retake the first time configure (all your files will be lost, except the ones from sd card and sim).

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    09-13-13 01:54 PM
  6. ioansuhov's Avatar
    You can download the latest 10.2 leak from here : https://mega.co.nz/#!UIVWQA6I!Le_vrm...9xxmR5HfnjrYRk. It is very stable, it has very goof battery life and overall is better than any other official os right now (I have installed it on my Q10 and is the best firmware, yet).
    I am talking about the leak.
    Even if the HD voice is not fixed, I strongly recommand you to keep this leak and to not come back to the official os.
    Regarding your HD voice, I can't see any other fix, but maybe another cb user could help you.
    Good luck !

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    09-13-13 01:57 PM
  7. toobs623's Avatar
    Have you contacted your carrier? I would do that before installing a leak
    09-13-13 02:20 PM
  8. MeerMusik's Avatar
    What Toobs623 said. HD Voice is Carrier Dependent. I used 1371 and 1443 and can say that HD Voice works flawlessly with my Carrier Vodafone Germany.

    Now running and it still works.

    Contact your Carrier first is the safest option you should go. Especially if you i.e. have no experience with Leaks. You could end with more problems by just installing a Leak. Just saying

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    09-14-13 08:33 AM
  9. ioansuhov's Avatar
    Well, contacting your carrer could be an option, but I believe that the issue is happening because of the network unlocking (being somewhere between 2 network operators. I thought of installing a leak, as it will definitely delete any career related options and with the unlocking you will have an international phone which should work properly no matter the services provider. However, this is only a theory, as things might vary

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    09-14-13 11:15 AM
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    Edit dumb post disregard
    09-16-13 12:41 AM

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