1. freakshow1234's Avatar
    title pretty much says it all

    after update 2 phones neither now ringer works
    no sounds, no speaker, cant listen to music either

    02-23-15 12:23 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    I would run the BBVE software...BlackBerry Virtual Expert software (free download in BBW) and see what it says. I know there is a notification issue going on but no music and no sounds....you might have a bad install.

    Consider downloading the files and reloading the OS yourself.
    Here is a link to the files:
    But if it's happening on both devices that's very odd indeed.
    Also check here for others with the same issue:
    02-23-15 12:32 PM
  3. freakshow1234's Avatar
    the BBVE seemed to work on the q, still no luck on the Z

    02-23-15 01:03 PM
  4. peterallcdn's Avatar
    After updating, notifications didn't make a sound on my device also. I had to go into Options > Notifications > Normal Profile and turn the Sound option on manually. Now I can hear notifications.
    02-23-15 01:13 PM
  5. freakshow1234's Avatar
    tried that already
    02-23-15 01:36 PM

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