02-14-17 01:05 PM
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    I have the Passport and Classic. I love both of them but the Classic is what I use everywhere whereas the Passport is mainly at home. Size is a big factor there. The Passport's screen is beautiful and the size is what makes it so unique, but it also makes it a bit less convenient to carry around.

    The other big win for the Classic is the trackpad. Some users don't seem to value it as much but, for me, it will be very hard to give it up completely (I am really hoping the capacitive keyboards eventually gain all of its functionality but they aren't there yet). For example, being able to select multiple emails in one motion is a huge time saver. For instance, I get some notifications through my gmail account. I want these to come through, but I have absolutely no reason to keep these messages. I do a quick search within my email account, hold down the shift key, and use the trackpad to scroll to the bottom. Press delete and POOF, they are all gone. On every other device you have to individually select every email. Depending on how many messages we're talking, that can save a lot of time!
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    02-13-17 01:39 PM
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    Lack of swipe gestures on classic would take some getting used to coming from a passport. It seems like such a hassle now to use the alt key even though it would probably seem like nothing in a day

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    02-14-17 12:44 PM
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    Passport hands down. For those saying its not a one handed device...you have a keyboard, do any of you type one handed on a physical keyboard? The keys are spaced apart better on the passport if you have bigger hands. I tried typing on a Priv and a classic and near impossible for me. Passport just feels right in my hands. Passport as mentioned is the fastest of the three so I would suggest if you can find one of each, put them in your hand and 'feel' them out.
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    02-14-17 01:05 PM
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