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    Simple, the bb Q10 is shown off in the Be A GM mode in NHL 14 . It's pretty cool you get to report to clients and it's your main tool in be a GM mode. It's great to see the support
    Q10 shown off in NHL14-img_00001459.jpg

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    11-06-13 08:11 PM
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    i think there was a similar set up in NHL 12, great to see the Canadian BlackBerry on Canada's game!
    11-06-13 08:21 PM
  3. torcheredsole56's Avatar
    Folks would be amazed at how many GM player deals were sealed on BBM, I'd wager. And, how quickly they were reported via the same method to other channels. BlackBerry had been a mainstay in the NHL for years. Wouldn't be surprised if they still were.

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    11-06-13 10:00 PM

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