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    I tried to do the software update last night ( Once the update completed it let me know I needed to reboot my phone (standard) which I did.

    However, the reboot did not happen - got stuck on the loading screen (sat for about 25-30 minutes). Did a battery pull finally as the phone was getting really hot and tried again and that time it loaded and said my update had been installed successfully- however upon loading there was clearly a major issue. The hub doesn't work (just a black screen). When I try to open anything it won't open - the box pops up to say load BBM then just shuts down, then the whole phone will shut down and reboot.

    Even if I try to leave it (not load anything) it keeps rebooting itself. The longest I've been able to have it on is about 2 minutes.

    The update isn't registering as complete either even though the screen had come up saying it was successful. It still shows my most recent software as being If I try to resinstall the update it just freezes at 0% and shuts down after 2 minutes.

    I've tried doing a security wipe but it hasn't worked so far - sits on the the screen saying a security wipe is in progress then just boots down and when it reboots all my apps are still there (although you cannot open anything still).

    I've also tried plugging it into my computer and trying to do a factory reset on BB Link, but because the phone keeps rebooting itself the computer keeps losing the ability to communicate. Halfway through the attempted factory reset it'll come up with a message saying that the computer can no longer communicate with the phone (usually right around the time it's rebooting). I've already tried numerous battery pulls and reboots and nothing has helped.

    I'm running a Q10 SQN100-3. My current software version is showing up as and I was having no issues with my phone until I did the update last night for Any suggestions at this point would be helpful as I thought I'd solve my problem with a factory reset but with this communication issue popping up every time it resets itself that doesn't even seem to be an option.
    08-23-13 12:41 PM
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    Go to our Leaks/Beta OS sub forum and find an autoloader around that version. (or even try 10.2 if you are adventurous)
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    08-23-13 01:10 PM
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    Download sachesi (use search) from this forum, next use it to download complete set of files and use sachesi to send them to your phone. Next time never do a battery pull, put it on the charger and let it do its work.

    Posted via CB10
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    08-23-13 01:18 PM
  4. specialshi's Avatar
    Thanks! This option worked great.
    I'm now running 10.2 without any issues (so far at least) and it definitely solved the infinite reboot issue.
    08-23-13 06:46 PM
  5. aakritigupta's Avatar

    Please help me! So I downloaded the OS update 10.0.something ...restarted the device on my Q10 when it asked me to and it just automatically kept rebooting for the longest time without showing me the homescreen.

    I finally removed the battery and put it back in but it just stops loading at 98% and the device is obviously heated up! I'm not super techy or anything..can you please help with simple instructions??

    Greatly appreciate it!
    11-26-13 01:15 PM

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