1. pcuser's Avatar
    Anybody with Q10 experiencing keypad problems, such as repeating letters or at times non-responding keys, this early?
    10-20-13 11:31 PM
  2. keepingsane101's Avatar
    Someone reported double typing(double letters on one press). Not responding in what sense? The phone did it lag or freeze?
    So far i'm 1 month into the phone. No problem from my side with the keyboard so far.

    Boredom is mankind's greatest adversity
    10-20-13 11:36 PM
  3. SK122387's Avatar
    This has happened to people before. It was usually a hardware issue. If the problem persists, you should do a warranty exchange through your carrier and get a new one.
    10-21-13 12:55 AM
  4. pcuser's Avatar
    Not responding in what sense? The phone did it lag or freeze?
    The key fails to respond. For example, pressing the ALT and Z together brings up Z and not 7, so the ALT key is not responding. This happened only once to me, but it took lots of repeated pressing on the ALT key to make it respond again. As for the repeating letters, they happen quite often. I have come across this problem being reported in other forums, too. The joke was that, as the problem got worse, the particular user could even key in letters by simply blowing on the keypad.

    Apparently, it's a hardware issue. I am not a heavy user, and coming from legacy BB phones, I am both surprised and disappointed that I am experiencing such and at such an early stage with a BB10 phone.
    10-22-13 09:26 AM
  5. keepingsane101's Avatar
    I see. Best get the keypad checked then while still in warranty period!

    Boredom is mankind's greatest adversity
    10-22-13 07:10 PM

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