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    Didn't notice this before, but device switch app now supports switching between BlackBerry 10 devices... and using an SD card

    This app should be called Device switch + backup & restore
    Device Switch - BlackBerry World

    Perfect for autoloader installs where you'd like to keep your settings (remember too.. edit:tasks are restored as notes)..
    Can backup/restore everything to/from your SD card except for application data, the misc folder (android settings), text messages and system settings .

    PSA: Use Device Switch App-img_20141205_002538.png
    PSA: Use Device Switch App-img_20141205_002459.png

    Personally, I don't use the app for my media. I manually copy and paste the device contents to my SD card. After the autoload I cut and paste (merge) the misc folder from the SD card to the device
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    12-05-14 12:34 AM
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    I wish SMS was on the list of items that can be backed up and restored
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    12-05-14 01:42 AM
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    How do you backup Android data?

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    12-05-14 01:57 PM
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    How do you backup Android data?

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    Use link to backup media* and app data

    1. Using your computer, copy and paste the misc folder to computer or SD card *
    2. Using link, perform a custom backup and select BlackBerry runtime, application executables and any apps you'd like to backup

    1. (Copy / merge) put the misc folder back onto the device *
    2. Restore apps using link

    *IIRC app data doesn't backup/restore the misc folder.. but I'm probably wrong abt that.. thinking about it, in theory backing up BlackBerry runtime should include the misc folder.. not sure, haven't checked

    12-05-14 03:33 PM

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