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    Please if you like this feature and want that it should be available in 10.3 so please vote on I can make it better
    here is the link and concept name is New call setting feature for 10.3

    Read to understands fully the need of this feature
    Blackberry always integrate the feature for which people made apps can be integrated into OS seamlessly .e.g Torch apps in BBW replaced by Torch in drop down menu ... Battery percentages app replaced by swipe up that shows percentage and device manager and data managements are examples like these..... so now we are seeing call blockers white list black list apps are coming as 10.3 SDK is out

    (Proposed) Call Setting feature for 10.3-final.jpg

    1. Blacklist: Simply add no. and switch on and off that is Good for consumer market to block spam no. ... Now part of this is available as block all incoming call in phone settings ( but that is on server or carrier side but not on os side so not available for all ) and call from contacts only in parent control ( that is from OS side so available for all )

    2. White list : The most imp feature in Call settings will be good for Consumer as well as Business man because like me I almost daily came across a situation so that I am in a meeting so I want calls from only selected persons that are the active parts of my meetings ......... for others many scenarios accordingly .. I have added a pic that shows drop down menu to convert from All call to only white list calls ....... and mostly when I am busy I only want calls from my family and not from anyone else . and same situation came during vacations .... away from work no call but still I am in contact with my family .... In setting there should be sections like family work meeting etc so when I am on vacation I switch on family and friends white list to on and others are off when I am in meeting I only switch on work white list in white list section

    divert : well not a feature that is compulsory for every one but always good to have this feature

    but please integrate these features on OS side so that everyone should be able to use them
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    The white list feature is all ready there. Select silence from notifications, and then customize your contacts that you want to still work.

    Or pick phone calls only and turn everyone off but your family. Many ways to do it.

    Posted from my awesome Q10
    09-03-14 06:53 AM

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