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    Looking for some advice. Ever since the last 2 OS updates or so I've had a Z30 that has gone from being sleek to being laggy and crashing frequently. My browsers hangs and sometimes the sound on the device decides to stop working. Right now it works in the apps but not in the browser. Then sometimes it won't work for apps or the browser. Nothing is running in the background. I cannot scroll media without it refreshing then jumping back up to top. I can't type without extreme lag sometimes. What happened to this OS or is it just me? I expect you might tell me to do a fresh install but is this isolated or have others noticed this degradation too?

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    12-29-15 01:43 PM
  2. DaFoxGrey's Avatar
    When you updated, how did you do it?
    • OTA
    • Link
    • Sachesi or any other BAR side loader

    If any above, any bits of "fluff" that were already on the device are carried over and that can cause a build up of glitchy bits.

    If above is true, I would suggest doing a full backup, then a fresh OS load with an Autoloader.
    Check to see if that has corrected the glitches before making a decision on re-loading the backup.

    If none above is true, how long ago was your last OS load w/wipe?
    What OS are you currently running?
    12-29-15 01:47 PM
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    Discussion now moved here.

    Closed kitty says stick to one thread dagnabit!

    01-31-16 11:15 AM

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