1. bennypr0fane's Avatar
    There is an app that I can't install from the Blackberry World:; It's called "Meine Ausgaben" an Android port. An Android version of the app also exists by the same developer. The download in BB World works, the installation fails with an error.

    However, I had previously installed an app called "Expenses" by RadioLab, which in actuality seems to be an English version of "Meine Ausgaben". I believe that because I also have the "F-Droid" Android app store installed. When I started it to look there for an expenses tracking app, it reported "Meine Ausgaben" as isntalled, even though I didn't have it installed, but "Expenses" the F-Droid app must have recognized it as being the same app. I acutally suspect "Expenses" is an illegal copy of Meine Ausgaben.
    05-28-16 08:21 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Sounds like you sorted your own problem. Don't use the BB World version.
    05-28-16 02:59 PM

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