1. AlexanderBach's Avatar
    Hi guys!

    I just got my first BlackBerry - the Classic - and i absolutely love it.

    I do have a small issue though. I am using Google Apps for Work and have two accounts configured - for contacts, calendars and email. It works great when getting email - i receive it on the phone right away. However when reading an email or deleting one it's not really recognising it as it would with IMAP usually.

    So if i read an email on my computer, it's marked as read on Gmail, on my iPad etc - but not on my phone. Do you have an idea about why this is?

    Thanks a lot!
    01-08-16 06:12 AM
  2. glwerry's Avatar
    I just tried my email and found the same issue in the Hub.

    I did a REFRESH in the Hub and that synchronized things. I think that what happens is that I have my work (GMAIL) account set to "use push", but I also have the "Sync Interval" set to 30 minutes.
    This means that new emails show up immediately, but if I read/delete an email on my computer I won't see my Hub on the phone updated until the NEXT SYNC occurs.

    So, if you were to delete an email on your computer then do a manual refresh on the phone, I think you'll see the same behavior.

    You can check your Sync Interval by going into: Settings, Accounts, navigate to your word (gmail) account, Email, then you'll have to scroll down to where the Push and Sync Interval are set and look at what you've got set up there.
    01-08-16 11:11 AM
  3. AlexanderBach's Avatar
    Yeah - you were right about the email. That worked for me. The calendar however is still weird. I removed some events from my Google Cal several days ago, but they're still showing on my BlackBerry. On my iPhone, computer, Google.com etc they are gone. I even tried rebooting the phone.
    01-10-16 02:40 PM

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