1. wiz9's Avatar
    My dad has a Q10 and just went overseas for 2 weeks. We were using BBM voice to talk to him flawlessly over his wifi connection where he is.

    My mom has a Q10 and I have a Z10. Everything was working perfectly.

    He got prompted to update to and he did. As soon as he did BBM voice stopped working. The icon is there but greyed out, and when you click it, It gives the msg "This contact is not available for a BBM video chat"

    My mom and I here in Canada got prompted to update to the latest OS update and we did. Our bbm voice works perfectly. His stopped working.

    IS THERE A PROBLEM with BBM voice since this new update?

    How do I fix it on his side?

    He is not on network data over there, he is strictly working on WIFI. I am on data/wifi combo here, and my mom is only on WIFI. I am not sure if BBM voice cares what your connection is. But here we have no issues. There he has issues since he updated.
    06-08-14 04:51 PM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    BBM voice should work over WiFi more reliably than over cellular (some cellular networks block the service). However it also depends what countries and ISPs are involved, because some places block BBM - particularly middle east where BBM is sometimes claimed to corrupt young people

    The other problem he might have in travel is hotel wifi. I often find it is not very stable with frequent dropouts and reconnection, and sometimes the service only allows web and email rather than all-ports accessible. I even have that problem from time to time here in the office - sometimes full service and sometimes limited function from the same BB device on the same WiFi connection.

    Update... and a WiFi router reboot just fixed the limited BB connectivity. ZyXel sux.
    06-09-14 12:01 PM
  3. Nazmi Saifee's Avatar
    What ports does BBM use for communicating over wifi for Voice and video?
    06-13-14 06:20 AM

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