1. TooSquare's Avatar
    Hi there,

    I would like to see if anyone is using Google Active Sync, and help see what is wrong with my current setup.

    1. I have a work Google Apps account and have the administrator privilege.
    2. I have set the Google MDM to lowest security setting, that is, no requirement on policies such as encryption, device password, and so on to make sure the phone can be connected easily.
    3. I am using a Classic with latest OS, (loan phone from Blackberry)
    4. I have tried previously with my own Passport without success, and facing similar problem as with the Classic.
    5. I followed exactly the settings found in Google, and other websites, ie., using m.google.com as the server.
    6. I sync only email, calender, and tasks. No contacts sync.


    After numerous tries, I am able to pin point the issue to be the Remember App in Blackberry. I was able to receive emails and calender sync was working fine until I add a new task folder in Remember App setting it to be a Google Task folder instead of a local folder. The email and calender synchronization will stop, and I will no longer receive emails on the phone. Tried refresh, but new emails will not appear on the phone. No error messages.

    Tasks in Remember were not sync to Google Tasks as well.

    Anyone will similar experience? Is it Google Apps setting problem or phone issue? Thanks in advance for any advice.
    05-28-15 05:12 AM
  2. Jo Burke's Avatar
    Google Apps ActiveSync works flawlessly until I add a new task list in Remember, then all sync stops. I'd also appreciate some assistance.
    06-27-15 01:54 PM

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