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    (Why can't I post stuff to the Tips & Tricks subforum?)

    Someone recently asked me why it was so difficult to manage the Priority Hub the way he wants. As it turns out, he was totally unaware it offers a Custom Rules option where you can create quite detailed filters!

    How to get to this setting:
    Open Hub → Settings from Overflow → Priority Hub → option on Menu bar.
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    In this menu you can manually enter Senders or Receivers you want to automatically assign to the Priority Hub. You can add a trigger word for the Subject line, and even add a Level 1 Alert (can someone expand on what this means?).
    Attachment 346886
    And what about false positives? From the Priority Hub, long-press any email and select Remove Priority.
    Attachment 346887
    From this menu it might be best to choose "this conversation", unless you are sure you never want the contact in question to go into the Priority Hub.

    How to quickly switch between regular Hub and Priority Hub?
    Go into Settings again, this time Display and Actions. Select Priority hub for the Pinch Gesture.
    Attachment 346890
    Now, when you Pinch to Zoom in the Hub it will switch between these views!

    I hope showing this will help people improve their usage of the Priority Hub, a really great way to use the Hub if you set it up right!

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    Believe a Level 1 Alert will override all profiles for that particular contact/situation.

    My priority hub is still a little buggy, even though I have the importance option off it still comes through from time to time.

    I have priority set up for my managers and for emails I am copied into. That way it's an easy way to skip through emails

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