1. Mack Gans's Avatar
    Wondering how to prepare my Q10 with 10.3.2 for sale now that BlackBerry has implemented the new anti-theft features in BB Protect.

    I have done a security wipe on the device, I have heard you are still required to enter the original BBID email address when setting up the phone after a wipe. Should I disable BB Protect on that phone and then do a security wipe on the device to avoid that roadblock?
    11-11-15 09:32 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    1. Settings > BlackBerry Protect > Turn Anti-theft off;
    2. Settings > BlackBerry Protect > Turn Protect off;
    3. Log to BB Protect's site and remove the device from your device list;
    4. Wipe the device;
    5. (Optional) Update to the latest OS using an autoloader;
    6. Charge to 100%;
    7. Sell for a fair price on the Marketplace.
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    11-11-15 09:57 PM

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