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    The following is from a July 2012 interview with BB10 developer. I thought it was a good read.

    "What were your immediate impressions of BlackBerry 10?**

    I see BB10 (and the PlayBook) as a strong Platform for both developers and enterprise users. The Cascades/QT upgrade and Flow introduced with BB10 are great tools and will provide a great User Experience.

    I see great potential in BlackBerry 10s UI, especially for professional users, with its focus on multitasking, connectivity, applications and tasks. The idea with BB10 is to help you get things done quickly. I think RIM is on the right track in achieving this goal the UI is really great to use.

    What stands out the most to you as a developer in BlackBerry 10 what does it offer that Android and iOS do not?*

    The second part of the question is difficult to answer, as all platforms are very close to each other in terms of functionality. The main difference lies in the overall user experience.

    For me the one app at the time approach favoured by Apple, which makes sharing media, like images or documents, is something of a downer. Just look at how long it took to get Twitter integration inside iOS. In a more open platform, like BB10, developers can take care of that immediately.

    Android, in my humble opinion, is a mess in terms of user experience and*consistency, with each new version of the platform changing things. The end result is that Googles partners cannot keep up and fragmentation sets in. I also find it difficult to locate specific functionality in many of the applications available for the platform.

    This is where BB10 will stand out. RIMs new platform features a seamless user experience that developers are free to become a part of. Having the ability as a developer to interact seamlessly with a platforms UX means that we can tailor applications that work with other applications via the sharing of data and functionality. The results of this relationship should be very impressive.

    What do you make of RIMs current state is there light at the end of the tunnel?*

    I consider BB10/RIM to be a start-up. Theyre basically reinventing their entire business model. They still have a large backer (old RIM) and that makes it easier to become a*successful*start-up. But the old can also drag down the new, so timing is crucial. I believe they have a great product in their hands *one that people will actually want.

    But even the best product in the world is destined to fail if its not marketed correctly. This aspect of BB10 could be one of RIMs biggest challenges moving into 2013. I cant see the introduction of BB10 changing things over night given the brands current perception in the media. No, with BB10, I think the word of mouth and continuous marketing campaigns that focus on the platforms*strengths*should allow RIM to slowly begin gaining back some of its market share. *

    The BB10 Dev Alpha handset along with BB10 illustrates to me profoundly whats just around the corner in terms of functionality on the BlackBerry platform. Couple this with the support of over 2000 developers and counting, as well as the ease with which applications and games can be ported over to BB10, and its looking ever-more likely that there is light at the end of the tunnel for RIM.

    What most excites you about BlackBerry 10?*

    The open nature of the whole platform and BB10s new UI.

    Do you see RIMs poor reputation with applications and games changing with BB10?*

    To me the BlackBerry PlayBook is one of the best hardcore gaming devices on the market, especially for FPS and action. I also prefer its size compared to Apples iPad. Quite a few studios have shown the relative ease of*transferring*their games and apps to the PlayBook and with the new BB10 tools that has become even easier. Expect this trend to continue drastically once BB10 is launched.

    BB10, unlike the BlackBerry OS of old, is based on newer, more open, standards. For this reason it will be a hell of a lot more appealing to developers. Couple this with the ease with which you can port titles over from Android and I see the end of RIMs bad rep with applications and games coming to an end with BB10.

    To you, what are the standout features of the platform are there any hidden gems that RIM did not mention during the live launch?*

    Not*highlighted, but*definitely important is to understand their existing Cloud services will still be there (push notifications, background processes, etc). BlackBerry Notifications are one of the strongest features of the BlackBerry Platform. Their little star isn't an iconic icon for nothing. *The various ways you get notified (visual, in message list, pop-up) and how you can act on that notification are the crack in the berry and that is still much very much a part of BB10.

    How would you change RIM as a company if you were suddenly put in Thorsten Heins position?*

    I would narrow the focus of the company even more and get more developers involved in the creation process developers from outside the company. The more the merrier. This, I believe, would help RIM tailor an even better product moving forwards. Developers are, after all, the lifeblood of any ecosystem.

    I'm a big fan of both The Lean Startup and SCRUM. I believe that involving your customers early so you can validate and*iterate*in short sprints (2-3 weeks) followed by feedback from customers is the only way you can create a*successful*product that satisfies everybody.*

    Know Your Mobile: Many analysts say RIM will be forced to play second fiddle to Microsofts mobile platform in 2013. Do you agree?*

    The Mobile market is very volatile *one day youre on top, the next you're out. Microsoft is playing for keeps and they need to their business model is in trouble. Software pricing is under a lot of*pressure*and charging $200-500*dollars*for an Office application is no longer cool.

    Additionally the Cloud is serving more and more companies and consumers. They are taking risky moves with introducing their own*manufactured tablet and ditching the now in-market windows 7.5/7.8 phones. This will irritate a lot of their core users.

    Microsoft still has a lot of channels (mainly in the Enterprise and through Xbox). RIM too has still some good channels (enterprise and carriers). It will be interesting to see how this one plays out but one things for sure: it wont be easy for either to catch up with Apple and Google.

    Based on the BlackBerry 10 SDK what do you think we can expect in the way of handsets will BB10-powered devices have what it takes to wow users like Apples iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3?*

    The specs are great. I don't know what the new handsets will look like, unfortunately. I like the industrial design of the BlackBerry range and the fact that they still support smaller handsets. I am also a big fan of the PlayBook. Its a robust, easy to use, highly versatile device they can definitely handle the odd bump.

    Where do you see the BlackBerry platform this time next year?

    This time next year I see a RIM having a 15-20 per cent market share, a great ecosystem full of apps, games, and developers as well as lots of happy BB10 users.

    I promise you that your readers will be amazed by what RIM has created with BB10."

    Following is the original link:
    BlackBerry 10 developer talks BB10, RIM and the future - Features | Know Your Mobile
    04-10-16 03:45 PM
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    And obviously he was way wrong yes bb10 is great but it's dying and that's it.
    04-10-16 04:00 PM
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    Poor deluded fool.

    Posted via CB10
    04-10-16 04:05 PM
  4. thurask's Avatar
    His LinkedIn says he left last month. Hmm.
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    04-10-16 05:45 PM
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    He was right about most of it. Especially considering the marketing failure, not to mention facebook didn't even make a god damn app for it. I know a lot of people who left because facebook messaging was a pain at first
    04-10-16 06:34 PM

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