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    I posted it here because I think that it's relevant to all OS 10.

    Is it possible to transfer my iTunes playlist to my Z10 (latest AT&T 10.2.1)?

    Currently the way I manage my music on my Z10 is to manually copy the music files (instead of using the BB Link). I would prefer to use manual way than to manage my music using BB Link because I do not want to install SW that I rarely use. I hope there is a way doing that.

    I hate using Link because the SW is never stable. I am so frustrated which is why I just manually copy all the music to my SD card, but doing this, i can't transfer the playlist.

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    11-17-14 04:18 PM
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    yes you can you have to use link though
    11-17-14 04:27 PM
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    iTunes 11 for Mac: Save a copy of your playlists

    can i use the following method to transfer playlist? I have saved my iTunes playlist into txt and xml format. I wonder if the OS 10.2 can read playlist based on this xml and txt
    11-17-14 05:46 PM
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    Try : Sync my iTunes


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    11-17-14 06:20 PM

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