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    Like several (I presume Millions) of BBM users, i too have had a severe battery drain issue due to BBM over past few months. Every OS or BBM app update seems to have actually worsened the battery usage pattern.

    I tried changing setting ... Using a variety of permutations and combinations but nothing was effective. Rebooting device pretty much every 24 hours became the norm for me.

    A setting, i thought could work was to Switch OFF the options that allow you to "show what others are listening to", and "share what you're listening to", as that could have been responsible for transmitting data across networks on a continuous basis, and hence could explain excessive data download / upload via BBM. This solution worked for 3 days without having the need to reboot the device, but it started acting up again post the 3 day trial period. I think there is a bug in that option too. So i hope BlackBerry looks into it.

    Having said this, I think Wi-Fi switch over from cellular and vice versa is likely a bigger bug here. 1 thing i observed was a sudden surge in CPU activity / Memory Usage whenever i switched from Cellular Network to Wi-Fi. There was a sudden jump in data download / upload over wifi, and i struggled to find what was being downloaded. Funnily the device tried to continue the same pattern even after switching from Wi-Fi to Cellular network.

    So I tried using my Z30 only on 1 network. Over the past 2 days i have exclusively used my Z30 on cellular network, and have refrained from using Wi-Fi even at home. I'm happy to report that my device is working as normal over this period. It's still early days to conclude that Wi-Fi switchover may have a software bug, but early signs are encouraging. My device hasn't experienced any heating issues over this period. It has remained "cold".

    While inability to use Wi-Fi is certainly an irritant, but a trade off between battery life and data usage is a no brainer to me. Till BlackBerry resolves this issue, I hope this solution works for all.

    So guys, if you are fed up with Battery Drain issue due to BBM, please try what i've suggested, and share your experience so that all can benefit from this.

    Good Luck!

    PS: I don't have any software programming background, so please be tolerant toward my lack of technical understanding of how a software should work.
    01-13-15 12:37 PM
  2. anon(5799362)'s Avatar
    I will report any material changes in device performance in coming days.

    CB10 on Z30
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    01-13-15 12:43 PM
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    Here are pictures of device performance over the past 48 hours. Hope this helps.POSSIBLE SOLUTION  - BBM Battery Drain issue-imageuploadedbycb-forums1421172943.885837.jpg

    POSSIBLE SOLUTION  - BBM Battery Drain issue-imageuploadedbycb-forums1421172966.629060.jpg

    POSSIBLE SOLUTION  - BBM Battery Drain issue-imageuploadedbycb-forums1421172984.422521.jpg
    01-13-15 01:16 PM
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    Interesting. I've had this problem sporadically, and it actually happened today after I came home to my wifi.....

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    01-13-15 05:24 PM
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    Posted via CB10
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    01-13-15 05:27 PM
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    If I may, we've already identified what cause this issue The BBM Emoticons store tries to communicate to a server to deliver metrics on your usage. If your Wi-Fi access point has a Ads blocking service, the IP of the server is there. So BBM tries and tries and tries... until the battery is completely drained.

    And if you want it gone on your home Wi-Fi, you have either to disable this Ads blocking service on your access point, either to wait for a BBM Store update

    I will hunt down the thread for you

    EDIT : here we go :
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    01-13-15 09:03 PM
  7. anon(5799362)'s Avatar
    Thanks. I hope This bug removal is in BlackBerry's high priority.

    The thread you shared talks about turning off ad blocking service on wifi, but doesn't explain how, in layman terms. I haven't enabled it, and I don't know how to turn it off. Is there a thread that provides step by step direction on how to go about it?


    CB10 on Z30
    01-13-15 10:14 PM
  8. arifbsantoso's Avatar
    Very interesting. Thanks.

    From my Z30
    01-13-15 10:19 PM
  9. Joshu42's Avatar
    Is there a thread that provides step by step direction on how to go about it?
    Nope, if you don't find it in the settings of your router, contact your internet service provider. Each one manage this feature differently.
    01-14-15 07:27 AM
  10. mctanaka's Avatar

    Thanks for the information. However, I'm not sure this is definetely the solution: when my BBM first drained my battery and internet data, I was using only my data plan - the wi-fi was disabled.
    Now, I see the last reply here is from January. Is there any forecast on when RIM will finally solve this? I think this should be given a very high priority, since this is a terrible user-losing bug: I managed to convenice some of my friends to start using BBM, but they were horrified by this bug and RIM's inability to fix it, and they all switched back to Whatsapp.
    09-14-15 09:20 PM
  11. Joshu42's Avatar
    They aren't a lot of people with this bug... On which OS version are you ? It's supposed to be resolved since January (Cf. BlackBerry Jira) :
    POSSIBLE SOLUTION  - BBM Battery Drain issue-img_20150828_013156_edit.png

    By the way, the same issue can also appear on Mobile network. As for the Wi-Fi, you have to check your settings if available and contact your carrier. Mine has an option to filter ads (disabled of course).
    09-15-15 04:05 AM
  12. eleonn's Avatar
    I noticed something different. As all you Im having problems with BBMs data usage and battery drain. Until two months ago I used only 3G but last month finally changed to 4G (remembered that my z10 is 100-3 so I can use my providers band). Here you can see BBMs consumption between 07/20 and 08/19, 08/20 and 09/19 and from today (yesterday stayed at home so it was all Wifi until got out today morning).POSSIBLE SOLUTION  - BBM Battery Drain issue-img_20150921_203927.pngPOSSIBLE SOLUTION  - BBM Battery Drain issue-img_20150921_203936.pngPOSSIBLE SOLUTION  - BBM Battery Drain issue-img_20150921_203949.png
    09-21-15 09:59 PM

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